One more thin gypsy thief
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The debate over Kosovo's Independence is stalled. This could be an extremely dangerous turn of events. Neither side is willing to give any ground. If Kosovo does return to violence, there is one group that might suffer more than most: the oft-abused Roma. Having spent years in contaminated refugee camps, accused of all manner of crimes, and moved after a year of UN foot dragging, many fear they will be once more marginalized.
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It's all the fault of Iran and "AQ in Iraq" and further reason the US must continue the "surge" and why September is too early to evaluate the success of our troops. If Clinton hadn't gotten the U.S. involved in Kosovo to divert public attention from his adultery and lying none of this would be happening.
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Kosovo (Kosmet) will never gain independence, it should be given back to Serbia.
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Once more marginalized? When did it end? Everyone with whom I've discussed the Roma (Europeans) was full of the old stereotyped ideas. Didn't matter what generation they were or how educated. I've never seen such consistent racism in my life.
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Who is the Martin Luther King, Jr of the Roma?
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Is there no longer any room for "patience" on the world political stage?

I don't know how apt a comparison this is, but the after the sh!t hit the fan in Cyprus in the 70's, UN forces set up camp to keep the sides apart. TIt's far from an ideal situation, resolution attempts continue to this day, but they're not killing each other anymore, and the majority of Cypriots have a life again...

Could this not work here as well (including for the Roma)?
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Good series of articles on UN fuckups and corruption in Kosovo can be found here.

While Serbia/Russia don't seem to get along too well with the rest of the world when it comes to Kosovo they can probably all agree on a bunch of Gypsies not being important. Good post.
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Artful Codger: You pretty much described Bosnia right now.

Tangentially related, but still very much worth seeing: Pretty Dyana. (An intimate look at Gypsy refugees in a Belgrade suburb who make their living transforming Citroen's classic 2cv and Dyana cars into Mad Max-like recycling vehicles)
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Great title, by the way. Maybe cortex could write "Famous Blue Background."
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On the treatment of Roma, the documentary--- Death of a Nation, about Russia by Marcel Theroux was revealing.
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Didn't matter what generation they were or how educated. I've never seen such consistent racism in my life.

There's been two contentious threads here on MeFi that I recall that demonstrated this. There's a whole lot of people who are unapologetically bigoted when it comes to the Roma.
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Obviously we must bomb Belgrade.

Should that fail we must then bomb the Chinese embassy.

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