The Manual (How To Have a Number One - The Easy Way)
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The Manual (How To Have a Number One - The Easy Way). Both light-hearted and thorough, the Timelords, aka the KLF, wrote this tongue-in-cheek manual in 1988 following their own novelty pop No. 1 "Doctorin' the Tardis". "If you are already a musician stop playing your instrument. Even better, sell the junk. It will become clearer later on but just take our word for it for the time being." Oh and apparently have lots of tea on hand.
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Another quote:
Every Number One song ever written is only made up from bits from other songs. There is no lost chord. No changes untried. No extra notes to the scale or hidden beats to the bar. There is no point in searching for originality. In the past, most writers of songs spent months in their lonely rooms strumming their guitars or bands in rehearsals have ground their way through endless riffs before arriving at the song that takes them to the very top. Of course, most of them would be mortally upset to be told that all they were doing was leaving it to chance before they stumbled across the tried and tested.

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Apparently The Manual was the inspiration behind the Pipettes.
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A cursory search reveals that this actually may not have been posted here before, which, frankly, surprises the hell out of me.
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What dersins said. Man.
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Wow. The KLF page on Wikipedia is epic.
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Supposedly also the inspiration for Edelweiss, although I don't know if that's really true or not. Regardless, The Manual is a hell of a great read -- found it some years ago and I reread it every few months, even though I'm not in a band and probably won't ever be.

Bill Drummond of the KLF has at least two other books which are worth looking into -- 45 and Bad Wisdom.
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The KLF are epic.

Oh, and it's GRIM up north.
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GRIM I tell you.
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Seconded on both of Drummond's books. 45 is one of the few non-fiction books I'll keep around and re-read from time to time.
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i've loved this book for years. it's brilliantly written, and, unsurprisingly, you'll find some absolute truths hidden between the jokes.
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I finally figured out what's wrong with the world. Nearly 30 years later and this stuff still seems kind of freaky.

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I love that Edelweiss song. :|
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Chill Out is a favorite of mine.
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God bless The KLF. Long Live Ford Timelord!
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The music and lyrics have all been written--it's all down to arrangement, now.
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Something I didn't know for a long time was that Jimmy Cauty painted THAT Lord of the Rings poster....
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This is brilliant, I've always wanted to read this. Thanks Yeti, you are justified and ancient.
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IIRC, one of the "rules" is that you should be on the dole
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And how about that time the KLF burnt a million pounds?
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KLF's The Manual is practically a walkthrough for the 1984 ZX Spectrum game The Biz (mentioned on this page), a lemonade stand-like game where you and you struggling band try to make it in the music world.
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Wow. Tonight I think I will dust off The White Room and annoy the neighbors.
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The Edelweiss connection has been noted elsewhere.

greycap: It starts with THIS IS WHAT THE KLF IS ABOUT.

One reason I love the band: Alan Moore considers Bill Drummond mad as a snake. That's Alan Moore, the man who decided to avoid a boring midlife crisis by becoming a magician & worshipping a fraudulent, fictional snake god.
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Money, as often quoted, is not the root of all evil.

do know WHAT the root of all evil is.

That is to be explained in one of our future manuals and if we were to tell you the answer now you would not bother trying to have a Number One.

The most telling part of the entire "Manual" is found in that last sentence.

BTW, important post, yeti. I leave this material alone myself, but it must now be the time for whatever this actually is to see the light of day.

I'll explain what I mean later because if I told you now you would no longer bother posting FPPs any longer on Metafilter.
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3 a.m. eternal, baby.
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"Doctorin' the Tardis" is singlehandedly responsible for making me believe that Rock and Roll Part 2 was the theme song for Doctor Who.
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Without doubt the best KLF moment.
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Holy shit how did I forget about The KLF.

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2007: What the Fuck is Going On?
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Tons more video is indexed at VideoCaffe.
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I've loved these guys for a long time. When I first learned about The Manual I was under the impression that they wrote it before getting a number one hit. I like that version of the story better, but they're still crazy awesome guys that it's an amazing book.
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Some trivia: Allegedly, the reason why there are two different versions of The White Room is because after the original version was completed, someone pointed out to them that they hadn't followed the steps laid out in their own Manual to produce number one hits. A bit of re-tweaking, and voila!. Dance music history.
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KLF vs Tammy
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