Materials: Charcoal, wall
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identity series projects are large scale portraits by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada. (via)
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These are fantastic. Thanks a lot of this.
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Wow, those are beautiful. And, to me anyway, technically amazing as well - I find large scale images incredibly hard to render well, because of the inability to take in the entire picture at once and thus the loss of sense of scale. (What an awful sentence that was, but I think I'm getting my meaning across!) You -have- to be within a foot or two of your canvas in order to work it, but when your canvas is twenty, thirty, forty feet tall/wide, that's not very far.

I love also that he's allowed and incorporated the decay of the works into his purpose. So many artists seem obsessed with keeping their art preserved perfectly forever, as though it belongs in a museum with the great works - and so much of the time, it simply won't last by reason of no one -wanting- it. This, on the other hand, makes no pretentions of permanence except in memory, which appeals to me a lot.

Thanks for the post, gwint!
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very nice! thanks! It's great that they're sited the way they are...i'd love to walk thru a city or neighborhood and see this on every building.
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George is a friend of mine and he does a lot of amazing stuff. His wife Ana has made a movie of the process of making one of the pieces in Madrid, it's amazing to watch.
Check out No Logo by Naomi Klein, he's mentioned in there a bunch of times - even though she never gets his name right!
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