Global Warming and Our National Parks
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Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming and Our National Parks (PDF). A new report from the National Parks Conservation Association explores the impact of global warming on America's national parks. [Via Gristmill.]
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That's depressing. Interesting, though. Thanks for sharing it.
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Good link
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Nothing beats awareness in cases like this. I have updated appropriate sections of my site to include links to the Unnatural Disaster report. Thanks for the heads up homunculus.
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If only Harry Potter could wave his wand and make the parks whole again...
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Better fly to the nearest airport quick and hire an SUV to drive around them before they're gone.
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You could help to counter the increased stress on plants and animals by treating national parks more as repositories of priceless treasures than as moneymaking amusement parks and potential oil fields. Close them completely every other year and limit access to them during the open years: stop all private vehicle access, add clean and infrequent bus service on the main routes, tear down the hotels, tear up unneeded roads and parkings lots, and let things grow and flower. Warn people that they bus, bicycle, or hike into certain areas at their own risk and that they could easily become food for the bears and wolves (you wouldn't say "for all we care" but you'd kind of imply it).
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Thanks for the post humunculus. And for the additional information on Cheney. I hope someone will look more closely on this administration's role in politicizing several agencies and research institutions.
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