Rogue taxidermy
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Nate Hill is a rogue taxidermist. He collects raw materials from some nasty places, and creates new, better animals from them. Now he has a bigger project. Then there is his TV show, Chop, chop.
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Holy shit. I will no longer ask where Jonathan Coulton gets his ideas.
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Rogue taxidermist? Bah, he's an amateur compared to...
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I know a local artist I try to patronize as much as possible, who does something similar, combining multiple insects into unusual hybrids. I'll see if I can't dig up some pics of his more interesting creations.
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ferg of seattle

no good closeups of his animal creations though. =(
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I know a local artist I try to patronize as much as possible

Yeah, I also try my best to be patronizing to this artist: "Oh, hi Nate! Working on those little animal projects, still? How cute! No, I'm sure it's fun! You know, maybe there's some money in it, you never know, ha ha! What a fun idea!"

Also: hey there, nowonmai! You must be the guy I see in the elevator from time to time and refer to in my mind as "that British metal gentleman".
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So much for Internet anonymity.
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Eh, it was never worth preserving anyway. I appreciate the links, though! I've never actually seen Nate's work, and it's positively lovely.
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That top image in the "new, better animals" link is a Yeti Crab. It would be interesting to ask Nate how he came up with that idea.
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My great grampa was a rogue taxedermist.

He traveled all fifty states gathering assorted animal parts and painstakingly composing strange articles of fauna. My great-grandma fell in love with him, when, as a ripe young debutante, she caught sight of him running through the country club dinning hall holding aloft an armadillo with the wings of a California condor. He was screaming, "I am a new, better god and I will create a new, better world."

They had sixty glorious years of marriage before dying within ten days of each other. My father and his brothers carefully sliced and diced and stictched their corpses into a magnificent serpent of human love.
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This just seems wrong, although I do like Damien Hirst.
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Nate used to work in the video store near my house in Tallahassee. He was pleasant enough, but mumbled a lot. I always thought of him as a hack (no punn intended) because the 'rewriting-the-bible' and 'cutting-up-dead-animals' things smack of shock-value.

Next time I see him I'll have to tell him he's Meta-famous.
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bookish, please check my profile and take a look at my site. I'd love to reprint your comment. Please send me an E-mail if you're interested.
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Since no one has added this yet: WTF?
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