Stack poems.
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Max Dohle's Stapelgedichten is a simple concept. Stack up some books, take a picture: a poem is born. Most are in Dutch, but there are some English ones as well.
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We blog
Revolting librarians
O Amor É Fodido

Somehow doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?
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It's a cool idea but I must admit that it's hard for me to not read them as lists of book titles. That may be because I'm familiar with so many of the titles.

(But, really, I don't know how good the poems could be anyway when the guy isn't even smart enough to write the bulk of his blog in English.)
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I know someone who writes an endless amount of "deep" "poetry" that sounds just like this. I've always wanted to make a generator to poke fun at him, turns out I just need to visit my bookshelf.
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The one I clicked on was hard to read not just because of the ingrainedness of book titles but also because of the terrible glare. But I guess this isn't an art site where he might have spend months composing each entry only to ruin it with bad lighting.
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It's user-submitted, DU, if that wasn't immediately clear.
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Uh, hi... um, this is called "Books on a Shelf, From Right to Left":

Snow crash
Voice of the fire
The death and life of Superman
An underground education
Fastfood nation
Men of tomorrow
Come and knock on our door
Wild years
Savage art.

*Bows deeply*
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Similar to this, from this thread last month.
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We can do this with MetaFilter titles:

Don't go in the basement
The man of the hole
smell like Alan Moore's Swamp Thing
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Ah, the dulcet tones of DU griping. What was MeFi like without them?

Love the site, by the way, all kidding aside. It's a cool idea. I'm always trying to feel better about how many books I have by convincing myself that they have significant aesthetic value even piled up in the corner.
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Whee! All the books, magazines etc. piled on my desk and return are art! I am a poet! Who knew?
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"Due Date 09 Aug 2007"

Tales to astonish
the writers.
Invaders from the north,
anarchy for the masses.
Ghost town,
no country for old men,
you can't get there from here,
Chip Kidd.

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Oooh! Oooh! I want to play! Let's call this "Books on the Office Shelf, a Poem" (You have to add "a poem" to emphasize the depth.)

The Earth Through Time
Rivers and Floodplains
Response to Sea Level Change
Sedimentation in Volcanic Settings
Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenesis in the Evolving Precambrian World
Palynomorph Preparation Procedures Currently Used in the Paleontology and Stratigraphy Laboratories, U.S. Geological Survey

hmmm That wasn't really deep art. Shoot.
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This one's titled Why Am I No Fun At Parties?

p-adic Numbers
Ultrametric calculus
Mathematical Constants

And here's a punchy little ditty for you, which I call Желтые свиньи, куда пошли?

Differential Geometry, Vol. 1
Differential Geometry, Vol. 2
Differential Geometry, Vol. 3
Differential Geometry, Vol. 4
Differential Geometry, Vol. 5
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Linux in a nutshell
Mac OSX The Missing Manual
Learning the VI Editor
Essential Sharepoint
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Wolfdog, for an English title, may I suggest: "Differential Geometry!" to heighten your factorial subtext.

Though you'll find that it packs a lot more punch if you move the first line to the very end:

Differential Geometry, Vol. 2
Differential Geometry, Vol. 3
Differential Geometry, Vol. 4
Differential Geometry, Vol. 5
Differential Geometry, Vol. 1

Lovely closure there.
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I feel I'm on the verge of discovering 118 other poems.
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Country Cuzzins,
Fisting Firemen 9.
Debbie Does Dallas;
oh shit. Forget you read this.
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invitapriore--WTF are you doing in my apartment?
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I can't read some of them. Can someone who speaks Hollandaise translate for us Americans? kthxbye
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The only 2 non-technical books on the work desk at the moment.

New York Eats
Stories of Your Life and Others

I need to go home and rearrange my bookshelves.
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I spent yesterday evening in a pub in NYC asking a bunch of English and Irish guys what language they spoke in their country (and trying to keep a straight face). It should make for interesting future MeFi threads
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Worst "Safe Word" ever!
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I'm going to try this tonight. Stapelgedichten !
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The housewife's desk:

Writing My Life
Stupid Sock Creatures
Forever Odd
The Creative License
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New York Eats
Stories of Your Life and Others

That's the most profound couple of lines I've read all week.
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Making The Right Moves
At the Bench
Drosophila: A Practical Approach
The Making of A Fly

Can't decide whether to stop there or add one last book and aim for worst limerick of the week:

Acros Organics Reference Handbook of Fine Chemicals
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This reminds me of If on a winter's night a traveler by Italo Calvino.
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Lovely idea! To be honest, I'm amazed no one thought of this before.

I present to you:

Cards on the Table

Black Coffee
Sparkling Cyanide
Endless Night
Postern of Fate

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The Case of the Lost Objective (Case)
Farmers of Forty Centuries
The word museum
The pretended Asian
From India to the Planet Mars
Cultivating Sacred Space
The Grape Grower
Wines of the World
Wines of the World
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I have a 'public' bookshelf in my room with a subset of my books, only the nice ones with geek cred make it in there. In my head the resulting poem kind of falls into couplets

Status Anxiety (a poem)

JRR Tolkein
Working the Wheel

Java Man

The Ancestors Tale

Girlfriend in a Coma
Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Birds
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This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

the dark tower
arc d'x
indie fonts
pandora's clock
10,000 dreams interpreted
seven types of ambiguity

native son
ancient shores
time future
a clash of kings
the light fantastic

the moon men
bikini planet
an alien affair
a matter for men
war of the worlds
the conquering sword of conan
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