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OH! DANGO! JAM Incredible little Japanese game, Tamagotchi + Pokemon + awesome music = great happy fun time. Z is attack, X is magic, C is defend, and spacebar is special move. Don't forget to save often using end -> data regist. [via]
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Ha! And it prays with you while you set up your character. Now this is a game I can approve of.
posted by Baby_Balrog at 5:50 PM on July 25, 2007

I really want to like this game, but I don't understand what I'm doing. They put all the unimportant things like "Loading" and "Credits" in English, but the important things, like what that item I start off with is, in Japanese.

But I will say that it looks pretty cool.
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i keep making progress by fighting guys around the same level. the modes are A for automatic and M for manual. poking around most of the selections are pretty intuitive, i just wish it was bigger.
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that was horrible... just... horrible..
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The size kind of kills it for me, but otherwise it's great.
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Is it sized for cell phones?
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Heh, I thought it was great. I love little things like this... wish it was downloadable though.
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Holy shit I was a boy but am now a Kinder Egg.
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Oh. "Item" means "Characters in my control".
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God I love this so much
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Weird, Dango was the name of a fictional crappy band my friend made up. I managed to get a review of a Dango album up on the internet once.
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This makes me wish I could read Japanese. My little dude is at level 10. His name is Carrot.

For some reason I am now craving sweet dumplings.
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My friend and I are both playing, does anyone know how we can fight each other? I've never been challenged, so I'm not sure if I'm fighting real people or not. Has anyone been challenged?

& great mini-game, thanks for the post.
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