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I'll tell you one thing... if you can avoid getting seriously ill on a holiday, do. My 80 year old mom had a stroke on 4th of July (she's doing ok now) and because they had a skeleton crew at the hospital, nobody had time to give her a test to see how well she was swallowing. Since stroke victims aren't supposed to eat until after that test, THEY DIDN'T FEED HER FOR OVER 24 HOURS (other than her IV drip). When I finally demand she be fed, I could tell everyone was panicked & embarassed & that they'd just gotten busy & forgotten about it.

I still find it unbelieveable.
posted by miss lynnster at 12:09 AM on July 30, 2007

Glad your mom is OK, Miss Lynn. My mom had chest pains one Fourth of July evening, and we ended up taking her to the ER. Not only was it slow because of the holiday/skeleton crew, they were also inundated with fireworks casualties (and they kept taking the burns in before my mom). She ended up checking in and getting tests the next day and ultimately had a stent implanted.

My "best time" tip:
If you need a same-day appointment with your rheumatologist, you'll have better luck getting in on a rainy day. A woman at the Lupus Foundation told me this once - most of the rheumy's patients hurt too bad in the rainy weather to go out anywhere, so the doctor usually has several cancellations.
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But what are the best times for auctions to end on eBay: if you're a buyer, or if you're a seller?
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These are the best times perhaps somewhere, but where is that somewhere? I would imagine the best time for peaches, for example, tends to vary by weeks or even a couple months across the northern hemisphere, and 6 at least 6 months as you cross the equator!

I can tell you one thing though, do not arrive into a major US airport on an international flight on a weekend. CBP will be short staffed and have no senior managers on duty, plus if they have any "issues" they won't be resolved until Monday morning in Washington.
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Wow, what a cool post. Thanks a lot, blahblahblah.
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Excellent stuff, especially the seasonal guide to produce. Thanks!
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Excellent post!
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Heh, yeah, try not to require hospital services on major holidays. I accidentally severed all of my retractor tendons on my left wrist 12:01am Christmas day.

Luckily, a surgeon 16 hours later coming off-shift offered to sew me back up in the waiting bed area. Otherwise, I would have been asked to come back in a "couple of days."
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It was the best of times, it was a the worst of times,

Sorry. Couldn't help it.
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Bookmarked everything-- thanks!

Do NOT get a serious toothache on Christmas Eve. You will have to wait until the 27th, if not Jan. 2 to get it taken care of. Bitter experience speaking.
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Try to die on a Wednesday. Your visitation will likely be Thursday and your funeral will be Friday. That gives all your friends and family a super-long weekend.

If you die on Tuesday, your funeral will be Thursday, and that makes it awkward for people to take Friday off.

Worst day to die is Friday. Most people won't bury on a Sunday, so then you're pushed to Monday, which--frankly-- you're not going to get a lot of "office sympathy" for, since you've had the weekend to deal with it.

Also, try to die on your birthday, because that really seems to freak people out, plus, it looks cool on a gravestone.
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