iCrave TV gets busted.
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iCrave TV gets busted. And what a shame it is. People want to watch TV over their DSL and cable lines, too bad broadcasters aren't hip enough to realize that. So this small company sees the demand, builds something to fill it, and they're stopped, too bad they couldn't reach a compromise (if you've never heard of iCrave, it was mentioned here before).
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Although different, yet somehow in my mind related.. What about TiVo? A service that allows you to pretty much if your crafty bi-pass any commercial advertising and yet capitalizes off the view with a $9.95 a month charge.

Will Philips not be sued the same because they are a large Multi-Million dollar backed company?
posted by sikk at 3:44 PM on January 31, 2000

Well Philips probably won't be sued by NBC (and several other networks) for TiVo (NBC has invested in TiVo and other "network programmers" have agreements). Similar agreements with Replay TV.

TiVo even takes a pledge.
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