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Nanoreisen. "A virtual discovery journey into the worlds of micro- and nano-cosmos." [flash] A kind of thematic followup to this.
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VERY cool! (I finally got the English version to work, so I'm starting to explore).
posted by amyms at 12:02 AM on July 31, 2007

V pretty.

Their atomic levels stuff though is weak: electrons dont orbit the nucleus per se but are diffuse quantum mechanical particles: their
'roll over' shows this, but the carttoo continues to spreads this kind of big-particle nonsense!
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The name sounds like it would be a very tiny, tiny, chocolate chew.
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On preview, that would actually be Riesen, not reisen. I are smart, I swear.
posted by Demogorgon at 5:25 AM on July 31, 2007

Hee, the chocolate thing would be an oxymoron - nano giant. Reisen means travels or journeys. Cool site!
posted by hypersloth at 12:28 PM on July 31, 2007

Super cool! thanks Stavros-twc. I wish it would go macro cosmos as well.
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