100 volts. And what you can do with them.
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Time once again to pay a little visit to Japan's ever-engaging electro-mechanical music overachievers, Maywa Denki. Here's some of their latest and greatest efforts.
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Excellent find. Don't miss the instruments in action. I found some background info here.
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I like that.
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Neato. Thanks.
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I like the use of household current and regular sized plugs and outlets.
All this could be done neatly and safely with 5-12VDC, but it's much more fun to have to wear rubber gloves and create sparks.
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Yes. "You need to wear gloves to prevent electric shocks." (When playing the Ultra Folk electromechanical guitar.)

Not 'UL Approved'.
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Those tap dance shoes were hilarious. Great find!
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Very nice!
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This absolutely made my day! utterly fantastic.

Yet more proof that MetaFilter should replace CNBC on the news feeds at my workplace...
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This reminds me of the mechanical orchestras at The House on the Rock, only this doesn't suck. The singing robots are particularly creepy.
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Absolutely fantastic stuff.
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I so want to work there.
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Does anybody know Tom Waits' e-mail address, because he...actually, no, no, forget about it. That would be almost harmfully good.
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面白い〜! ども!
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This knocks.
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I can totally see their singing and xylophone machines scaring the crap out of me if they were the background of a Kubrick film.

This is really awesome!
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Using a large hissing, slightly leaky steam engine generator would be more fun than plugging their gear into the wall, but that looks fun nonetheless.
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I saw them live about 5 years ago, it's a great show. Basically it plays like a company presentation, they introduce each instrument as a product and they make music as a demonstration.
The big finish is their company song.
The group is lead by two brothers, now i think only one is still working on it. Originally it was their father electrical appliance company but when they inherited it they tranformed it into a weird art project while keeping with the company image.
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Offhand, I can't think of anything better than this. Thank you.
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Loved those xylophone flowers and flamenco tap shoes/castanets. Totally delightful and fun.
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God, I love these guys. One of my exes has a live video of one of the presentations that Sage LeVoid mentions, and it's fantastic. Always great to see some new stuff from them.
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Made my day. Thanks!

Now...where to get me some "knockers"?...
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Brilliant, thanks very much!
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Looks like they are trying to do this stuff for real.
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