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It seems that this gentleman bought a set of musical robots from the defunct Showbiz Pizza restaurant chain. This gent has been reprogramming the robots to sing recent hit songs, rather than the '60s Motown hits they sang originally. He then takes video of these performances, and posts it on YouTube. I guarantee this version of Evanescence's "Lithium" will haunt your dreams (or, perhaps, make you hurl).
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Yeesh. That was disturbing.
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Showbiz Pizza is also known as Chuck E. Cheese's (named after the lead character in the animatronic lineup). It was the brainchild of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, created as a way to introduce kids to video games (which had previously been most available in bars).... I have many fond memories of playing video games (and skee-ball) at Showbiz Pizza as an adolescent, but those singing robots creeped me out! Cool post lol.
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Ahh, I should have clicked your second link before posting... Ignore my redundant history lesson.
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Now I finally have the answer for an old question of my childhood: how would the Muppets from Bizarro World be like?
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I thought that was awesome (although I wish he had picked different music).
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Woah. Now I have the all consuming desire to see a robot mouse band perform Lou Reed and Velvet's classics.

Metal Machine Music would be the obvious pun, but the Berlin album would fill the room with a phildickian dread.
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can't sleep, animatronic bear will eat me
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Metal Machine Music would be the obvious pun

If not something by the Soft Machine. But, yeah, all in all it's a shame this guy chooses such, er, lousy music...
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Or hey, how about Love Machine? Or Sex Machine?
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Or Strict Machine?
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great self-effacing behind-the-scenes.
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So I just watched a streaming video of a bear playing a weird version of a Beatles song that came out after Lennon was dead. I think I'm almost to the final boss of the Internet.
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*robot bear, that's an essential point
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I'm creeped out, but giggling madly. How hilarious!

He actually does own these? Dude must have some kind of killer disposable income to have bought these and gotten access to a place big enough to show them off.
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THAT was crazy funny. Those songs, and the shin-high 'artists' who sincerely and profitably market them, are beyond shit, that's hilarious.
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Thank you for allowing this to be the first thing I saw this morning. I can tell it's going to be a great day.

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I feel like I'm seven years old all over again because that Chucky Cheese mascot just touched me.
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It was always creepy working at Chuck E. Cheese after closing when we'd have the stage curtains open to clean and everything and those pnuematic robots would silently stare into the horizon and if, perhaps, a bit of pressure finally gets released on one line and Helen the bird would turn so her hand would smack you in the butt, well I tried to avoid the stage as much as possible. I don't think I'd want these in my house.
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Thanks for that second link, that was fascinating.

...and nostalgic...
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I was pretty sure Ms. New Booty was the clear winner in all of this!
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So, Chuck-E-Cheese and the whole linked story about animatronic restaurants competing for popularity is just some big hoax to make us Europeans think Americans are both completely crazy and completely awesome, right?
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He's a good ol' boy with a heart 'o gold.

Seriously, it takes some real dedication and attention to detail to do animatronic programming of this quality. Awesome, simply awesome. I hope Disney makes him an offer.
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It warms my heart that, all across the country, people are doing crazy ass shit like this all the time.
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I thought it'd be obvious that Americans are completely crazy and completely awesome by now, that's kind of our thing.

I realize that it's far from a perfect simulation, but I was still amazed how well you can apparently program the animatronics to do new songs. And how hilarious it is.
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I used to manage a Chuck E. Cheese's. This link? Going to all of my old coworkers from back in the day.
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I am just baffled by this, and I spent my 8th birthday at Showbiz Pizza. Where the hell does he keep these things? If they're on public display somewhere (say, his own restaurant), you'd think he'd mention that on YouTube.

Can you imagine being his wife and going down to the basement to do the laundry, only to see these creepy things?

Wait, what wife?
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That is unspeakably magnificent. This is the first time that maudlin track has ever had any impact on me. Gorgeous.
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I was a young boy, growing up in Baltimore in the 1980s. There was another animatronic pizza restaurant, not Showbiz or Chuck E. Cheese's. I don't know if it was local or part of a chain. The only recollection I have is that the name and the theme were somehow related to riverboats, steamboats or something of the sort. Does this ring a bell with anyone else?
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This has made the whole Internet thing worth it. That version of Lithium was just... I don't even have the words.

And who'd have thought Nolan Bushnell and Chuck E. would be linked so closely? When I think of the video games at the few Chuck E. Cheeses I have been to, they were beat-up, out-of-date, second-tier machines, and I always assumed video games were a poorly thought out, late addition to the Chuck E Cheese formula. The fact that they were in fact the driving force behind that "genre" of restaurant is surprising.
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Awesome. Dude's never getting laid though.
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I would have preferred Nirvana's Lithium.
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Actually, Showbiz was founded to compete with Nolan Bushnell's Chuck E. Cheese chain, and when Chuck E. Cheese went into chapter 11 in 1984, Showbiz bought them out and formed one chain. Chuck E. Cheese had stronger brand recognition, however, so after years of infighting between the remnants of the two chains, they started converting showbiz locations to Chuck E. Cheese.

According to the Wikipedia Entry there are a few Showbiz locations outside the us that survived this apocalypse as independent businesses, and still feature the Rockafire Explosion.

This was an awesome post. I went to Showbiz extensively as a kid and hadn't seen that freaky-ass cheerleader mouse in probably 20 years. What a trip.
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There used to be a chain called Bullwinkles with anamatronic characters from the cartoon of the same name. I wonder if these robots survived anywhere?
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FoB- was it Shakey's? I don't remember animatronic, but it seems to me it was very riverboat-y.

I went to Chuck E. Cheese once... once!
The Puff the Magic Dragon here reminds me of the quality of that work (love the Mountain Dew sign), but the rock songs are much better.
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I haven't been to a Chuck E Cheese's since my niece's 3rd birthday party (she's 21 now). And wow... I'm realizing that's a really good thing. Because hearing this in person would've turned me into a pizza-wielding homicidal maniac. Or perhaps I would've just drowned myself in the ball pit. Either way.
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Agree that this qualifies as demonstration of America's capacity for being simultaneously crazy and awesome.

If the real Delilah didn't want a restraining order before, I feel confident she should now.

I wish the inevitable copyright issues wouldn't kill this project and then Chris Thrash could open up a Showbiz with a liquor license where we could watch these creatures in an altered state.

And then afterward eat pizza and play skee-ball, natch.
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All he needs is to mount that stage on a trailer and start pimping it out for children's parties. Or any party really. I'd pay to have that instead of some ipod at my next soiree.
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No youtube allowed here at work, but that second link was really interesting. Brings back a lot of memories. Thanks!
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forallmankind: Awesome. Dude's never getting laid though.

That's what I thought too. Then I watched a video by the guy who helped him with the programming interface. At 2:59 in, I saw the very last thing I was expecting.
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What a delightful surprise. Moved by Chris Thrash's dedication to his hobby, like other enjoyers in the thread I find it heartening to know there are people doing unlikely, original and creative things just for fun. His humor is corny, cornographic really with a hillbilly twist, moonshine still on the porch and all. And I'm fond of vintage androids.

Watching his programming details clip made me see how much this means to him, how he's learning as he goes. Such a great idea, take old, discarded animatronic creatures and make them come alive in a new way. He pulled a rock n' roll Lazarus on these critters.

Cool find metasonix. Seems you have an interest in making unusual combinations in electronic music as well, so I can imagine some of your amusement in Chris Thrash's choices.

My one criticism of his work is that I wish he held the camera more steadily. My fave so far is Hey there Delila but Puff the Magic Dragon is a close second.
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Faint of Butt, are you thinking of Captain Andy's River Towne?
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Do they do requests ?
It would be cool if the guy could set up a website and people could (maybe for a fee) submit a song for them to do.
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London Bridge has cinched it. This man has won the internet. Period. It's simply impossible to ever achieve even close to the level of awesomeness this is.

I am simply stunned.
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Would love to see what he'd do with Disney's Hall of Presidents.
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I agree with ruthsarian. I am sitting here quietly awaiting the end of the world. What more is there to do?
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That he did this at all is amazing, but that he did it so well is.... I have no words.

I really want to see this show in person.
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I remember these from my childhood. I also remember spending as much time as possible in the arcade, well away from the fucking gorilla in a tuxedo playing the keyboards.

Even as a child, I could see that this was wrong, foolish, and would end badly for anyone involved.

Gorillas are drummers. Everybody knows that.
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Faint of Butt, are you thinking of Captain Andy's River Towne?

YES! Captain Andy's River Towne! Thank you, thank you, that's it exactly! Man, that's been stuck in the back of my brain bothering me for years. Here is one of the very few descriptive references to it on the Internet.
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If I knew I could attract the sort of tail that's in tfmm's link, I would have never changed my electronics engineering major. Now where's my soldering iron?
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50 cent should have him do his next video
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I wonder if he would be legally able to film a professional music video with this. Because if he could, that would be awesome - I'm picturing Arcade Fire.
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This is great. I guess you dont have to be a billionaire like Duke Phillips to have your own singing bears.
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Interesting, the guy in the video that tfmm posted is not Chris Thrash, but is Aaron Fechter, the original guy that founded Creative (see original linked article). Something about this smells a little viral to me, he keeps mentioning that it is a Chris Trash controller... A marketing experiment to a really select group needing an animatronic controller?
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This is beyond awesome.
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This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen - but it rocks!!
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That setup is definitely in his basement or something - in one of the comments christhrash mentions that the curtains are from Wal-Mart and his wife is opening/closing them while he films.
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One day, robots will do this with us. If there are any of us left. "Check it out. I picked up a few humans and actually managed to make them do stuff. It's like they're almost intelligent. Weird. Look at this one running the [thing we can't even imagine] like he knows what it's for."
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