Films of Roy Andersson
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Ingmar Bergman once said that Roy Andersson "makes the best commercials in the world." The 64 year old Swedish director has also made a couple of striking feature films, including the 2000 Cannes Jury Prize winner Songs from the Second Floor (excerpt / reviews) and this year's still unreleased You, the Living (excerpt / review).
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Roger Ebert's review.
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"Why should we care about each other" == brilliant. I've wanted to make that same commercial many times in the US. We need is so very badly.
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Also, I love how calm and quiet these commercials are. Mostly. This is also the reason I listen to NPR and watch PBS. And get off my lawn.
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Wow, now this is one of the reasons I love MetaFilter. What gems those were. Haiku bites of dark humor. Thanks a lot billysunday.

Kind of scared of seeing his films though. Those brief commercials were quiet sledgehammers. More videos of his work at GoogleTube.
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Brilliant commercials, and You, the living played at the local filmfest, it was amazing.
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