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Excellent BBC Brain Story series available online. One of the best TV series on psychology and neuroscience ever produced, the BBC's Brain Story, is available on public bittorrent servers for download. It is a six part series covering virtually every area of contemporary neuropsychology, including the major researchers, discoveries, techniques and even many of the patients who have been the subjects of classic case studies that have helped us understand the curious effects of brain injury.
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Now this is how I spend my vacation.
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Be careful you don't download Brain Candy by mistake.
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Cool, this sounds great. BBC neuroscience, my next favorite thing to BBC nature docs. Thanks for linking to this, I'll be downloading it later. I'm looking forward to some familiar initials.... H.M. anybody?
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Looks very cool...thanks for this.

Is this the one where they interview the guy with anterograde amnesia?
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This looks awesome. Thanks!
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Super, I've been reading about mitochondria apoptosis and trying to understand how it relates to maintaining consiousness/identity. As a layperson, I really don't understand it all, but this looks like a great place to start! (I think I waded in too deep, and this looks much, much better.) Many thanks.
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is this something I would have to have a brain to understand?
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as I recall from the show: the technical part was of interest but the plots were worthless. Tucci was great but deserved better show.
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vronsky, That's one of my favorite songs! :) I sing it all the time.
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This sounds really interesting. I plan to download and share with my colleagues and students.
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I think your brain is big enough for the both of us nickyskye;)
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well, i finally got the first part downloaded and am watching it now. frankly, it's not very good. so far it's mainly the presenter repeatedly asserting that the brain's physical processes are responsible for "everything" and a series of "look at this brain damaged person" vignettes.

there's not much in the way of theory tying anything together. nothing you couldn't learn in a sunday newspaper magazine article. a bit disappointing.
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this is an interesting site on shadow puppets nickyskye:)
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omg vronsky, what an exquisite gem of a link!!! I adored that! Balm for the brain and so charming.

What a beautiful gift. Thank you. :)
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I've managed to download the first episode and the soundtrack is very disconcerting; there is an English language track and a Chinese language track playing at the same time. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?
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matildaben: Try updating your codecs, and/or looking for an option to disable one of the audio tracks.

Media Player Classic will use its own multi-channel aware filters, or if all else fails, Video Lan Client is an excellent standby for playing just about anything, though it can feel a little clunky in places.
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Thanks for the practical viewing tips Freaky. :)
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