Bukka White
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Poor Boy Long Way From Home. Momma Don't Allow. Aberdeen, Mississippi (look at him beat that National). Special Streamline (one of my favorite songs set to a compilation of old films). Plus some John Fahey, who decided to write Booker "Bukka" White a letter once, bringing him to prominence in the 60s blues/folk world. It's a YT Bukka White fest! There's some previous going on here as well.
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The live videos of Bukka are from the Shanachie DVD Masters of the Country Blues: Son House and Bukka White, which, holy hell, if you’ve never seen it go get it now. The Son House portion is amazing (don’t you mind people grinning in your face) and you’ve seen most of Bukka... oh and the reason he is listed as “Bukka” is because of his accent (I could be wrong on this, please let me know).
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Some piano boogie as well.
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Thanks, sleepy! Bukka White totally rules over all mankind.
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Just for good measure, here's a mighty fine Fred McDowell clip.
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Some more--Jelly Roll Blues. I remember this documentary, including Furry Lewis, and everyone is drunk in it, but I can't remember the name of it. What is it? Also, Bukka figures predominately in the beginning of the horrible movie Life, just in case something sounds familiar as a hip hop/blues mix.

Nice Fred McDowell clip, flapjax! The concentration! That bowtie! That fricking amazing guitar!
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Wonderful. I remember hearing the rambling drone of White's "Parchman Farm Blues" on the CBS Story of the Blues 2xLP set for the first time as a teenager and being absolutely transfixed. Thanks for this!
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Nothing like a little classic steel guitar to start your day - and from the great Bukka White! What a fabulous post. Still savoring the goodies within, but wanted to say thanks, sleepy pete!
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I saw him at the American Friends Service Center here in Seattle a few weeks past exactly 40 years ago. And he was wearing that same Mexican cotton vest as on the cover of the DVD. At the time, I could barely understand a word he said in his between song patter even though I was sitting at his feet--his voice was so gravelly and his downhome Mississippi accent was so thick. But the guitar beating was quite impressive from that location. I got to see Fred MacDowell later that same summer and Son House a couple of years later--I was so lucky in all three cases.

Had I known my friend Bob West at that time, I could have hung out with him and Booker on Bob's houseboat then. That Furry Lewis, Bukka White and Friends
Party! At Home
CD Bob has released is well worth a listen. And now, 40 years later, I can understand almost every word Booker says on it.
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