Poo Bum Dicky Wee Wee!
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People vandalising Wikipedia is hardly a new thing but now even the office of the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, is getting into the act. Website Wiki-Scanner (previously) has traced several edits to Wikipedia articles by the Prime Ministers staff, according to Australian newspaper The Courier Mail. And they aren't confined solely to the Wikipedia entry on the PM himself; there was even an act of vandalism on a martial-arts related entry, in which one of Howard's ministerial staffers wrote, “Poo bum dicky wee wee” on the page. Not good news on the eve of a federal election that the PM is largely expected to lose. Meanwhile, 'new media' is being put to good use at Opposition leader Kevin Rudd's website, Kevin07, where a recent blog entry compiles Youtube's 'best' political videos. Hours of fun for the whole family!
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Is this a triple now? Or a quadruple?
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Still waiting for my Kevin07 bumper stickers to arrive...
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"Poo Bum Dicky Wee Wee" is also a caption that works on every single cartoon in The New Yorker.
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It seems that the world's media is enforcing Wikipedia rules. The problem is that Wikipedia rules allow anyone who is incompetent to edit Wikipedia. The cognitive dissonance to this embarrassment would then divert attention from the incompetency policy by trying to equate bias with inside competency among its user's.
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It's a bit unfair to have a go at the DPMC and DoD bureaucrats who are updating wikipedia based on their own interests. Sure they shouldn't be doing it on work time, but to suggest that they cannot have informed views about anything is a bit absurd. Of course when it gets political that gets a bit questionable, but hardly unsurprising - they are in the office of a politician after all.
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"Poo Bum Dicky Wee Wee" is also a caption that works on every single cartoon in The New Yorker.

My Word ! He's right !
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Heh heh. Heh. You said staff.
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Nice to see they haven't yet had a go at the MV Tampa entry, which seems pretty factually accurate:

In 2001 increasing numbers of jihadis attempted to travel to Australia by boat in order to carry out acts of terrorism. Many of these arrived off Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, some 2000km off the north-west coast of Australia and 500km south of Jakarta Indonesia. Hundreds of fanatics arrived on heavily armed terror ships, and many were believed to have been paid large amounts of money by al-Qaeda for their attacks on Australia.
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They're all over that Gang-gang Cockatoo entry… hollow, closed, hollow, closed, hollow, solid, hollow, closed, hollow, tree hollows, closed trees, hollow tree trunks, closed, tree hollows, closed trees, hollow, closed, hollow, solid (in which they excavate nesting holes using their poweful bills), hollow, closed trunks, hollow, closed, hollow, closed, hollow.
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Probably confused it with Gang-Bang Cocks 2.
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(with apologies to Armitage Shanks)
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Morris Iemma, come on down!
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Next we'll find out that politicians have PR staff.

I for one, am shocked.

Who would think that the resource that tends to be the second or third entry when googling a politician would concern them?

And that they have staffs who work on computers all day and get bored like the rest of us.

There are rumours their staff also 'eat lunch' and 'drink coffee' like the rest of us. I can't believe it.
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Oh come on all you non-Aussies, stop pretending you know who John Howard is...if you did you´d know that ¨Poo Bum Dicky Wee Wee¨ is about as good as it gets...
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I like the way that sien uses the scare-quotes to emphasise the euphemistic nature of 'eating lunch' and 'drinking coffee'. Over here, I'm just off 'to use the toilet'.


Ah, that's better. What now? Think i'llgoeditWikipedia, yeh, back to worklikea goodlittlehack, oknow, wherewasi?oh,Bush,Bu-Bush, damntypo, typingtoofast, calmdownman, theyllnotice, whatsthis? Bubushi? clickettylink-MartialArt?bubushi, heh, soundslike-bullshit, bubu, poopoo, hee-hee, poobum, haha, poo-bum-dicky-wee-wee!ohgodimfunny, cantwaittotelltheguysatthepubtonightaboutthis!poobumdickyweewee! poobumdickyweewee!ohgodicrackmyselfup!
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A Bum Dicky Wee Wee fight is like a game of chess, you have to think...before you act. Poo style is immensely strong. If properly used, it’s almost invincible.
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This is really disappointing though. Two non-stories led politics this week in Oz. Mr Rudd looks at naked ladies and Howard's staff edit wikipedia.

Rudd's proposal on Health Care, which was very interesting was given less attention.

It'll be good when the campaign actually gets going, hopefully this kind of tripe will lessen.
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