Cyril Raffaelli, Parkour Badass
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Cyril Raffaelli is a French stuntman, parkour stud and all-around physical badass.
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That banlieue 13 movie is pretty cheezy, but I always liked this fight scene (butt kicking starts about 3 minutes in).
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I'm a total sucker for French guys doing absurd stunts, so thanks for this.
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I like the stunts, but the fight choreography...
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Those were some truly amazing stunts, all three times.
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Incredible as all the dangerous stuff is, I still found myself impressed most by the way he can spin himself around on a car door handle.

I'm going outside now to rip my arm off....
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Very nice, but Kiki does le parkour while snacking on la ratatouille.
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Kiki's got ability, but Cyril's got better form. With practice and lots of hard work, Kiki might have a shot in Hollywood as a stunt cat. Never give up, Kiki. Reach for the stars!.
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As impressive as this guy is, I wish more of these parkour videos were like this (from this thread). Maybe it's just better video editing, but that guy looks like spider-man commuting to work.

These Cyril videos are just a bunch of stunts repeated over and over again. It feels like watching a porn consisting of nothing but cum shots.
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I like cum shots.
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I feel like a lot of the Parkour Stud link is more gymnastics than actual parkour (not that I'm qualified to tell the difference). I love how he ends some of his flips though - arms down to his sides, ready to walk off like nothing happened.
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Also, can anyone explain the half-pants half-shorts he wears?
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Awesome David Belle clip, also from Banlieue 13 which he stars in with Raffaelli.
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too bad they didn't conquer the world.
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Old News
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In fact, the description in the "parkour stud" link is " This is not Parkour."
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That guy gives me a wide on. He's seriously hot. *fans face* Phew.

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Am I the only one who just sees parkour as the embodiment of my childhood dreams as I ran through the woods and towns as a kid? I'm totally enamoured by these guys! Modern-day ninja for real. Imagine the cop's reaction were he/she to be chasing some kid and he whips out those moves!
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nickyskye: A "wide on"?? I must work that into conversation...
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Parkour is the shit. "No Obstacles" is an article in the New Yorker profiling David Belle, the inventor of parkour.

Also if you're really into parkour check out Yamakasi, it's a French kids film about a group of kids who have to use parkour to steal enough money to pay for a friend's heart operation. It's not a good movie by any standard, but some of the parkour (like free climbing a fourteen story building) is pretty fuckin ace.
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I recall a movie reviewer ranting about how one of the bad guys in Live Free or Die Hard jumped out of an exploding helicopter, landing on a car and got right back up. He seemed to think this was the most unrealistic part of the movie, and the only flaw. I went to see the movie, and when the scene occurred, I said to myself, well duh, it's the guy from B13 who's an absolute badass. Look at him move. If anyone could walk away from a 30ft fall from a helicopter, it would be Cyril.
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I thought I recognized him. This guy plays one of the blond twins in the Jet Li kick-flick Kiss of the Dragon.

For a henchman without a speaking part, he comes across as surprisingly charismatic. Here's his fight scene with Li.
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