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Virtual Out-of-Body Experience. Using two procedures to deliberately scramble a person's visual and tactile senses, neuroscientists are able to induce "out-of-body" experiences in people. The effect is the same as the 'rubber hand illusion', but extends the effect to the whole body instead of just one limb (you can try the hand illusion for yourself).
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That's pretty cool. Thanks for this.

The table trick is also a great date trick.
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A man who went blind reports that he can still “see” his hand when he passes it across what would be his peripheral vision.

I get that same illusion late at night with my eyes closed. Glad I'm not crazy.
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Really neat. Cool post.
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I'm writing this post from..... dun dun dunnnnnnnn

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Your secrets are still available to us. Muahahahaha!
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OK I feel a little gyped by the slightly misleading blurb. While these are interesting I don't know that they "induce "out-of-body" experiences in people."

If you wanted to do that, you'd give them DMT.
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Indeed (spoiler for Blueberry/Renegade).
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Gah. New Scientist says it's down for maintenance today.
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Here's another article about the experiments from Slate.
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that experiment seems to be set up exactly like this real world avatar suit. Which it seems is probably far more disconcerting to wear than I had previously imagined.
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