nanohub rulz ok!
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nanoHUB is an information goldmine, aimed primarily at scientists and engineers engaged under the broad umbrella of nanotechnology research, funded by the NSF, and based at Purdue University. Start with a series of nano tutorial lessons at the undergraduate or graduate level. Move on to seminars from top researchers on a variety of topics, or try some self-paced learning modules. Then run (real, useful) simulations in your browser. [some stuff requires free registration]
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there's a lot more if you poke around, including an online calendar with conference dates, collaboration tools, outreach materials, web-2.0 goodness like tagging and comments and much much more.

also i went to this talk in meatspace. its pretty interesting if youre into thermodynamics.
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This is really cool, and useful to me. I hadn't heard of it.

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