How many existentialists does it take to change a lightbulb?
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The Philosophy Research Base features thousands of annotated links and text resources for philosophy research on the Internet. Categorized by history, subject and author, this meta-index serves as both a study guide and a platform for a wide variety of community services for students and teachers in philosophy and related subjects.
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Monty Python's International Philosophy World Cup
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I can smell the leftism
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It smells like victory.
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How many existentialists does it take to change a lightbulb?

None; they all just sit in the dark, smoking, and bemoaning the futility of changing it.
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This is a weird site. It seems to be ads for recent books, combined with ads for college prep services and "essay editing". Their listing has a lot of entries, but it is missing some important philosophical topics and figures (eg David Hume), and it includes a lot of stuff that isn't philosophical at all. The first topic is "ACT Preparation" (that is, preparation for a college admissions exam). Also on the first page: links to Air Pollution control engineering manuals. I'm not sure what rule is governing which books and articles they choose to link to. On some of the topics I looked it, the selections seem more or less random - so you'd do better by just googling the topic, if you want to get the kind of general, organized introduction to a topic that you might get in an introductory course on that topic. This site seems to have some good stuff, but it's quite uneven.

There are a lot of good philosophy resources out there. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is the best resource for people who already have some background - it includes very detailed entries on a lot of "state of the art" philosophy, written by professors who are experts in the chosen topic. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - and even Wikipedia - do a good job for people who don't have much background.
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