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Wellcome Images This collection of thousands of high-quality images includes anatomical images, rare books and manuscripts, posters, photos, and more. Also includes galleries on war, witchcraft, wellness, and other subjects.
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helpful search hints here example gorilla
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I was just at the Wellcome museum last week (which has a very cool fusion of Enlightenment and Modernist museum design). But I didn't know they had an image collection. Wonderful!
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Creative Commons, too. Nice.
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I can see the thousands of webcomic writers with no drawing ability rubbing their hands together with glee.

In seriousness, I actually quite like them anyhow. But that is all besides the point; this site wins the awesome prize.
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"recognizing familiar faces" : http://medphoto.wellcome.ac.uk/indexplus/db_images/800x550-water/B0003000/B0003533.jpg
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Hm, those links in your followup appear to log me in as you.
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I hit enter too soon. Those links appear to log me in as you, if I have javascript turned off. With javascript on, I guess I fail the cookie test and I get set back to anonymous.

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This is a goldmine. Thanks!
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A grand site of sights.
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