No thanks! I am going home to masturbate!
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The Midwest Teen Sex Show is a podcast for teens and adults covering the wonderful, awkward, stimulating, sticky world of sex.
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Since the titular link of this post has "sex" in it, I'm going to assume you already know it's thoroughly [nsfw].
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This is a funny concept, but in this case I think the humor is way too overdone. Especially in the title. I would have expected more from the people who did this, but I think they got caught up in meeting the expectations of their core audience and forgot the point of reaching people who knew them but only tuned in when it served their needs.
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No thanks! I am going home to masturbate!

My new answer to everything.

It'd be even funnier if it weren't true so often, along with "check my email/get high."
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Next up: The California Teen Sex Show, The Brooklyn Teen Sex Show, and The Mormon Teen Sex Show.

(/me thinks about possible discussion topics each podcast might bring up)
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The link wouldn't open for me, just a blank page... Oh well, I already know how Midwest teens do it. Unless things have changed in the ensuing years since I became an adult.
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I have WD-40 AND Mayo!
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What a great idea!. Very funny concept, executed extremely well.
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Wha’ the…?

I saw no mentions of alcohol (amount inversely proportional to level of sexual desirableness), yelping prostrations, cramped closets at some friend of a friend of a dude-you-know’s party (so its like okay if you come over, but you gotta bring your own), and mothers in full battle armor (yikes!).

First time indeed.

Pain and pregnancy are the least of your worries.

It’s the rubber costumes and the restraining orders down the road that should really concern you.

And when you find each other’s respective porn stash (“you seem to have a lot of ferret toys.”).

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I found it to be funny... and, worked fine on my Mac, kalessin...
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Places for first-time fornicaters:

Then there's church which is clean, quiet, and a straight ticket to hell. Perfect for a late summer Sunday morning in the midwest.
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I wonder what's wrong with your sweetie's mac.

Loved it ! Subscribed! I want to watch new episodes of this on my ipod while on the bus!
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oops. Something went very wrong between preview and post.
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This is great - going straight into itunes subscriptions, and I'll be encouraging my younger siblings to watch it too. Sex ed in Scotland veers toward the medical and boring.
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I liked it, it vibrated in quite a pleasing way.
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I watched part of "The Older Boyfriend." Some of the advice makes sense, but the way they give it is a little... awkward?

"If you're in junior high, and you're dating someone who's out of high school, he's a pedophile. And pedophelia's a disease. Would you date someone with *cancer*? NoO!"

Now that's just cruel!
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Okay, just read the comments for that one, and I guess it was a joke... but I also wasn't the only one who didn't hear it as such on a first pass.
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I've seen this floating around on the blogs, and I'd been avoiding it because it looked terrible. But. Actually. I don't think that the descriptions do it justice. It is hilarious, and I think it would be great for teens to watch. It's nice when educational material about sex is actually sex-positive and not supremely unfunny.
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I kept wanting to hate this, but their earnestness won me over. The "search for the clitoris" on Ep. 1 made me laugh out loud.
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Also, if I was still a teenager, I probably could have rubbed one out with the title sequence alone.
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That actress, Britney Barber, is very talented and funny.
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Quick! Call A&R and get these girls on contract NOW!

Honestly, this is good stuff. Here's hoping they can keep the quality up.
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Y'know... this was surprisingly well done. I found myself actually laughing out loud at several points.
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I really enjoyed those. I can't wait to see what they do with the male masturbation episode. So many possibilities. Someone have Dan Savage interview them!
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This is similar to Entercourse TV on YouTube, which has over 5000 subscribers (big surprise).
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"I wouldn't recommend asking your Dad to buy you a vibrator, even if he's cool."

I don't know about that. Given the option between my daughter getting a vibrator, or fucking some gangsta douchebag in the back of his Hummer.... I don't think I'd have a problem with it.
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so uh... pedophilia = cancer. got it. moving on.
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