Don't kill my Wife
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Please Columbia Don't Kill My Wife
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WTF are we supposed to make of this? Is it supposed to be amusing? It's not. Or are you advocating for this fellow? If so, does CP Hospital get to tell its side?

Not usually one to snark . . . well, sometimes. But I don't see what this has to do with the best of anything. It's sad, but so are a million other personal stories.
posted by fourcheesemac at 11:11 AM on September 3, 2007

I watched 4/5. As best I can tell, husband of patient is displeased with her outcome. Asserts that it is the hospital/doctors' fault, but displays no understanding of the nature of her illness. After wife is moved to nursing home, more of the same.

It's pathetic to watch. I don't know what type of discussion is called for. Some context?
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Can someone please explain this?
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You know how sometimes you sign up for a website and you're not really sure what it's all about so you use some kind of jokey, off-color login name because hey, it's all anonymous anyway, and then later on you find yourself standing on a soapbox and want people to take your message seriously, and the name comes back to bite you in the ass?

Yeah, so... "pimpsinthepulpit."

(Unless his prior soapbox was getting panderers out of the clergy or something.)
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Here's some Craigslist spam of his that offers something resembling an explanation.
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From his YouTube profile page:
A year and a half ago I took my wife to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to be treated for a stroke. She went there walking and talking. During my wife's stay in the hospital, she had a massive heart attack. The doctor's said it was caused by a blood clot in her heart, and told us it needed to be removed. We gave consent for the procedure to be done, but they made an error and punctured a hole in her heart. Since then she has not been able to speak or move her body. After that they dumped her in their nursing facility, Fort Tryon Center for rehab and nursing. Columbia has milked her insurance for procedures that were never even performed. Because of this the insurance will not pay for home care. Please Help My Wife! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Donations are also welcomed and can be sent to:
Tyrone Francis
PO BOX 321705
NY,NY 10032
Thank you for your support. Please check back for more updates on my wife's condition.

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posted by ColdChef at 11:27 AM on September 3, 2007

pimpsinthepulpit's 'Dont Kill My Wife Columbia Presbyterian' YouTube page (to which his URL redirects).
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Saddest part:

Youtube Community I need your help.

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His wife was an avid church goer in the past year and a half since this happened the church no longer provides them with any support or comfort. thus pimps in the pulpit

As to best of the web this seems to me to be the story of an honest man who is trying to save the life of his wife slogging through the a period where people with less wherewithal would just let her die. To me that's best of the web every damn day. I doesn't matter if there are ten, fifty or hundreds of these stories they speak to the human condition. I guess living though something like this is something that colors your vision.
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My vision is all color, sometimes people die. Thats life, thats what people say.
posted by Max Power at 12:05 PM on September 3, 2007

I think it's fascinating.

Sure, sometimes people die. Bad things happen. Unfortunately, we live in a country where insurance companies can just cut you off for no reason. Maybe this is the only way they can attempt to get recourse: document and publicize.
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Paddy Chayefsky sorted this out 26 years ago.
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This is not what Metafilter is for. As sad as it may be, this is not the place.
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Dude, wait, what?

He took his wife to the hospital to be treated for a stroke and now she can't speak or move?

That's sort of what happens with a stroke. Especially one where she's throwing clots in other places, like her heart. It's sad, but it's what happens, and there's not much can be done about it once the damage is done. Does this guy just have profound misunderstanding of physiology or is he hoping for a miracle?
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Finally, jonson, I've been rickrolled.

Sad story, I feel for the guy. Easy to say `let her go, people die' but love can cloud that sort of clarity all too easily.
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If I were to click on these five YouTube videos, how much of my life would go away?
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