When we first saw this we thought "What the hell is going on here?"
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Столбы (Stolby) Free soloing I climb. I've sky dived. But watching videos of people free soloing gives me vertigo. In the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, however, there is a community for whom this is their bread and butter. And now, cats.
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I'm somewhere between horny and thirsty for a Mountain Dew right now.
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great post!
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I propose stolby become and adjective meaning something along the lines of "prodigiously reckless".

I'm extremely impressed. I'm going to go ride my bike stolby.
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The what, now?
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Jesus. Terrifying and awesome.
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Fascinating. Although I have to admit to being mildly annoyed at getting this American point of view, like whoa dude.

Not one interview with one of the local climbers but instead all this "they" and "them" as if we are watching a nature special on penguin behavior.
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That climb up El Cap is mindblowing. Doesn't that usually take several days to do? I saw a documentary years ago about a guy they called the French Spiderman who did free climbs up the sides of buildings. I've searched for it but never been able to find it. It was on the Learning Channel I think. That is still one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
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The crowding on these rocks is beyond ridiculous. I'd never trust that number of untethered people above me.

I'm also intrigued by their (apparently kind of common) upside-down downclimb technique. I'd never think to try that, but then again if I make a mistake I'd rather break a leg than break my face.
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vronsky: David Belle?
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Found it

Alain Robert freeclimbs the tallest buildings in the world.

(thanks phrontist, I hadn't seen that:)
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check him out
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Well, now I suppose I understand my friends' reactions when I'm sliding out on a cliff shoulder, upside down and barefoot, just to see what there is to see. I get vertigo with heights, and I don't know much of anything about climbing. Upside down makes me feel more secure in some situations. Doesn't strike me as daring or unusual at all.
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Tim O'Neill has a brief cameo in that El Cap video
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...also: compared to the days or weeks it would have taken the very best climbers to climb back in the 60s (and still takes most climbers today) Dean Potter's (mostly free) soloing the Nose as if it's just a stroll in the park is an absolutely amazing achievement. He has also featured on these pages before.
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oh God, feelings of vertigo, dizzy, hand sweating as I click the mouse, must get a Bounty towel. Dozens of kids free 'soloing' together, en masse???! yikes. Stolbists, whoda thunk?

Living in the Himalayas, I became friends with a local man who was a renowned mountain climber/mountaineer. He said the real mountaineers of the Kulu Valley were the local women who went up the mountains daily, with no fancy climbing equipment, to collect delicacies like wild rhubarb that grew at high altitudes in really hard to access crevices.

Mountain people often are isolated and end up drinking heavily out of boredom. How cool these kids created this amazing sport. Hate to think of the fatalities though. ouch.

Cool and interesting post vernondalhart, you might consider adding vertigo, massinsanityasfun and cold sweat as tags.

A few blocks from where I live is a staggering new skyscraper for the New York Times. It's potentially an ideal parkour climbing spot with cage-like gridwork around the building. Now I know his name I've wondered if any day now this Alain Robert guy might pull a spiderman stunt here.
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The Potter El Cap solo of the Nose is from several years back and it took around 4-5 hours at that time IIRC (the video is just a staged photo op run and not a time trial). The last speed record I'm aware of 2 hours 48 min for a two-man team, though it may have been surpassed this season. Ordinary mortals may take up to or more than a week, if they succeed at all.
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I may have nightmares about that guy crawling down the slope towards a steep drop. Nice post!

Incidentally, Столбы (stolby) is stressed on the last syllable in Russian (stahl-BEE); it's just the plural of столб (stolb, pronounced stolp) 'pillar, column.' (Here are some Google images, so you can see what Russians think of when they think of a столб.)
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can anyone name the tune in the first video?
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I have free-soloed exactly ONE climb. Enchanted Rock in Texas has the greatness that is Cave Crack [not my pic].

It is 5.6, and there is a shelf of granite behind you. So when you startup with the sewing machine leg, you just lean back, and tada you are safe.

It scared me completely crapless.

Great post.
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"Pride goes before the fall"

How many people are so good at walking that they NEVER trip?
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"How many people are so good at walking that they NEVER trip?"

How many people can get up after tripping off of a mountain?
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I thought it was Florine and Hirayama who had the fastest ascent of the Nose?
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"oh God, feelings of vertigo, dizzy, hand sweating as I click the mouse'

Is it vertigo or did you watch that David Belle video? I know you love those parkour hunks;)
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Metafilter: Teh Intarwebs, stolby.
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My point exactly, I watched one of these kids fall off a cliff in Joshua Tree a few years ago. He was climbing in a very crowded area and luckily he didn't hit anyone on the way down.

Sadly, he made a lot of noise so we all had the experience of watching someone repeatably bouncing of the rock face from 150 feet up. (I'd have rather not turned and looked but I couldn't really help it)
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The fellow dibblda is talking about did get up, or at least try to. Unfortunately he had landed on a ledge, so his movements resulted in him falling the rest of the way to the bottom. Fortunately he survived his injuries, and I hear he is climbing again.
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The first YouTube video longer than 10s I ever watched till the end!
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