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What's It Gonna Be? NSFW language (Single link music video). On the website of Chicago's Schadenfreude comedy troupe.
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Found by exploring ties to the site featured in this post.
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it's going to be rosy palmer and her five sisters in your mother's basement
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Very well done!
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Was that Radically Honest?
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That was a catchy tune. The line about sneaking the generic gin into the bar reminded me of a friend of mine who would go to a bar with a large group and then go up to the bartender and tell him or her that he was the designated driver for the group, but that it made him uncomfortable to sit with no drink while his friends drank, so could the bartender send him over free cokes during the evening, because he was doing such a good thing and making it possible for his friends to drink as much as they wanted at the bar. Oftentimes the bartender would oblige and send him free cokes all night. My friend would then take the bottle of generic liquor that he had snuck into the bar and make whatever-that-liquor-was and cokes all night. Classy.
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Nice to see the Doctor in 'Knocked Up' in another role.
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Hey, that's Dr Ken!
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What's it gonna be?

It's gonna be a fatty nano, a phoneless phone, and some overpriced ringtones, duh.

Whoops, sorry, assumed the title meant newsfilter.
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Dr. Ken makes that video.
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My friend and I wanted to be these guys for Halloween, but it's surprisingly hard to find a silver crushed-velvet catsuit in San Francisco.
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That is surprising.
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I, too, enjoyed Yoshido's vocal fills.
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I saw this on yesbutnobutyes last week and have been singing it all week, but I have to hum most of it, because it isn't appropriate to sing "I gotta a lotta bitches to plow, so you could fuckah me later but you should fuckah me now" out loud in front of children.
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It looks like WBEZ took down most of their archives of Schadenfreude's too-short existence as a radio show, which is a tragedy almost on part with canceling them in the first place. It looks like there are a few individual bits up, but I don't mess with RealAudio. "Love Notes" is a classic, though.
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