Salford Lads and Girls Club
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BIGMOUTH BIKES AGAIN! "Smiths fans are organising a 16 mile sponsored bike ride around Salford and Manchester to raise funds for Salford Lads & Girls Club whilst recreating the video for the song Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before. But will Morrissey be available to reprise his role 20 years on?" via
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Critical Morrissey?
posted by well_balanced at 5:25 AM on September 10, 2007

Stop me if -- aw, crap. I was going to post "Critical Moz". *sigh*
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"But will Morrissey be available to reprise his role 20 years on?"

Yes, assuming that people turn out to watch it. If not, he'll cancel, but only because of some terrible animal rights violations condoned by Lancashire County Council.

Assuming he does show, if anybody can manage to look like they're phoning it in while riding a bike, it's the Morrissey of the 21st century.
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They should be beaten to death with Marigolds.
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What sweet and tender hooligans.
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bah! i was posing for a photo as a wee 17yo outside the salford lads club, having trudged all over manchester to find it, when some dickhead old thug of a mancunian chased me off with threats of violence, yelling "you're smiths fans, aren't you? we've had no end of trouble because of them! we're taking them to court, we are!"

fucking asshole. ruin a proto-emo's pilgimage over nothing.

and fuck the salford lads club. i wouldn't piss on it if it was on fire.
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...Flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman iPod started to melt..."
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ZenMasterThis, Mozza actually sings that these days.
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Really? I had no idea, honestly. 'Course I haven't seen him since 1986 with The Smiths.
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I'd dig up a recent performance of Bigmouth on YouTube or wherever, but I'm at work.

And holy shit, I'm jealous now.
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Yeah, it was quite a show. Great Woods in Mansfield, MA. Phranc opened. The Smiths started with "How Soon is Now" and the whole front middle of the audience erupted into an instant free-for-all. It was wicked exciting for a 24-year-old, but now I just think, "Holy shit, I'm luck I didn't get clobbered."
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posted by ZenMasterThis at 8:10 AM on September 10, 2007

ZenMasterThis - I saw The Smiths in Royal Oak, MI in 1985 - Billy Bragg opened and otherwise, my experience was the same as yours. Although I was up against the stage and I don't think my spleen was ever the same!
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Obsessed Smiths fan. Never seen them in concert. So finally Moz plays a concert in my old town. I score tickets. I buy marigolds.

Then I get a job interview in Oregon. My flight returns after the show starts.

Once again, I miss my chance. *sob*
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I thought it was gladioli....

(I saw Morrissey solo back in the mid 90s. Wickedly fun.)
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I'll be seeing Moz for the third (fourth?) time next month ... I still think he is fantastic and will dance my heart out for him.

I'm deeply jealous of anyone who got to see The Smiths.
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Call me when they do it in blimps and call it Heaven Knows I'm Dirigible Now
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Ditto Julnyes -- so very jealous of anyone who got to see the Smiths live.

Though once (AND I AM SO NOT MAKING THIS UP) I got to see Morrissey play on Valentine's Day, in a rainstorm, while my then-boyfriend who ended up cheating on me with another man (oh, irony) spent the night DJing a drag show instead.

I love me some Morrissey.
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Saw him for the first time earlier this year in Houston. He opened with The Queen Is Dead- I freaked out. Great show, except for the douchebag that threw water balloons at the keyboardist.

However, if anyone thinks Morrissey would do anything other than flake out of an event like this... dear god, please help them.
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