Dr Evermor's Art Park
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Dr Evermor's Art Park featuring the world's largest scrap metal sculpture, the Forevertron, is one of the most impressive metalwork collections I've ever seen. Great write up on the place over at Neatorama with tons of pix.
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That Forevertron thing? I want it. I want it bad.

And when I get it I'm going to stuff it full of giant working 4th-order Tesla coils, tune it to the resonant frequency of the Earth, don a glittery Ming the Merciless space-overlord cloak with a giant collar and wings and blow some shit up.

It's going to be awesome.
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My wife and I had one of our first dates there. Dr. Evermor was hanging around and happy to chat. It's not far from Madison, WI, and definitely worth a visit. Some astonishing stuff.
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Went there with my GF a few years back. Goes well paired with a trip to the House on the Rock.
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It's great. My photos.
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I'd much rather spend time looking at this stuff than at this other crap from earlier.
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Yeah Dr. Evermor's stuff kicks ass. My small flicker set of some of his birds in winter. Last time my wife was down there he was saying that the land he is on is rented and he is going to have to move some time in the medium future, there have been people offering to donate parcels of land for him to relocate to, but moving that Fovertron is going to be a hell of a task.
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Forevertron, I love you! Why, oh why, didn't someone hire Dr. Evermor to do the statue of Christopher Newport? Philistines.
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Since everyone else is posting links of their Dr. Evermor sets, I will too . I have way too many because I was a huge fan of his before I got to go out to Forevertron, so I took lots when we were out there.

If you are in Madison, be sure to check out his two two-story birds on Paterson St, between E. Washington and Willy St. They are right off the sidewalk in front of some apartments, so they are definitely viewable from your car if it's freezing outside. Last time I was there, they had added a few of the small birds nearby.
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Boy, after seeing this I really feel obligated to plug Griffis Park, in far upstate New York. There are lots of good photosets online, apparently.
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Heh, I was going to mention the Paterson St. birds as soon as I saw this post in my RSS. The Forevertron park is an awesome place, and Dr. Evermor's a pretty cool guy; definitely worth the drive out to Baraboo if you're in the area.
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The thing looks like a Steam Punk concept of some amusement ride, and makes me want to buy a ticket. I like it.
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Count me out. An aesthetic jumbletron.
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Count me out. An aesthetic jumbletron.

That's exactly how I felt about it, before I went there and saw it.
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I bow to your judgement, then, interrobang. Looking at a photo of a piece of art means almost nothing. You gotta be there. I will make a note to try to be there someday.
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I visited the park in 2005. It is a sight to behold, even on a cold and rainy April day. Thanks for the virtual trip back.
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