VA governor changes Confederate celebration
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VA governor changes Confederate celebration stating that "anyone who needs to be honored can recognize honor in this proclamation." Did he buckle to the NAACP? Or is it time to change our views of the Civil War and the Confederacy?
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If by "our views" you mean your views, and if those views are that if represents "buckling" to offer, as the newspaper article says, "a tribute to both black and white Civil War combatants that expressly denounces slavery as the root cause of the four-year conflict", then the answer to your second question is that yes, it is time to change your views.
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I simply posted the article for comments; I don't recall expressing my views; and the "buckling" reference was a direct quote from the article.
posted by jennaratrix at 1:27 PM on March 21, 2001

What's so wrong with honoring Virginia's contribution to the Union side as well as the sacrifices of Confederates? Is this Bragdon Bowling character just a sore loser, 3 or 4 generations removed?

All this ancestor worship stuff is getting kinda tedious any way you slice it. How about we stop falling all over each other trying to name schools and holidays after dead people and concentrate on living our own lives?
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Gilmore is a right wing politician who's being critisized by the far-right for not being conservative enough.

"Basically, he's done their bidding by honoring people who invaded this state and murdered, raped and pillaged..." This guy's living in another century.
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