AI - sooner rather than later?
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Dr. Ben Goertzel is an interesting guy. Having previously tried to create an AI based on internet distribution he refined his approach. High level elaborations on his developing thinking here, here and here (arranged chronologically). He gave a talk to Google about it recently (video) (related text), while mentioning why he thought Google isn't in the AI business. Here's a (low quality, sorry) vid of his system's virtual learning in action. Research finances were always a problem - could this be a solution?
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Well if his stock predictor was so great, why would he need to sell it?
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Ben recently gave a podcast interview to Australian podcaster Cameron Reilly, which was rather interesting.
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Also check out his (and others') talks at the Singularity Summit 2007. Very interesting, both his talk and the panel he was on.
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We are one year away from Skynet achieving independent thought.
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Then it's time to start practicing the robot until I'm convincing enough.
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Guard 1: Halt! Be your robot or human?
Leela: Robot we be.
Fry: Uh, yep. Just two robots out robotting it up. [Does 'The Robot']

Guard 2: Administer the test!
Guard 1: Which of the following would you most prefer? A) a puppy, B) a pretty flower from your sweetie, or C) a large properly formatted data file?

Guard 2: Choose!
Fry: Uh, is the puppy mechanical in any way?
Guard 1: No, it is the bad kind of puppy.
Leela: Then we'll go with that data file!

Guard 1: Correct!
Guard 2: The flower would also have been acceptable.
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Man, I’d like to interact with a parrot. That’d be sweet. I’d do that head bounce thing, y’know? And he could like bob up and down too, with me. At the same time! That’d be fun. Parrots are neat. I’d give him a cracker too. Call him Polly. Maybe put on an eyepatch and have him on my shoulder, argh! Talk to him about how sex feels or the smell of the air on a spring day. There’s all kinds of fun you can have with parrots. They’re neat.

Our motto: AI Now.
This does seem more like machine intelligence actually. The common conceptualization of AI is more like the way we think of ourselves thinking. This is more non-localized mechanization of thinking processes in conjunction with and to benefit human use.
Which, really, looks far more viable and useful, even moreso than say stuck in a “box”, Mycroft Holmes (Adam Selene) or Hal9000, etc. The Holmes was spread out, but still organized within a central pattern and not as mechanical feeling (if my meaning is clear) this is more gears-centric, classification of classifications and grouping of pattern reiteration and such which organizes knowlege into appropriate action and interaction routines rather than some sort of computer enlightenment where it just “wakes up.”

Looks pretty nifty. Wish I knew more about computers.
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Also check Goertzel's appearance on the excellent C-Realm podcast, Episode 28: Building a Better Monster, IMHO one of the best episodes on that podcast yet.
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Smedleyman, it's not a parrot. It's the parrot Borg. Resistance to their cuteness is futile.
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*bobs head for Jeri Ryan*
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*bobs head for Jeri Ryan*

Just don't take her to any sex clubs
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