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18XEEM INTERNATIONAL HMONG MAGAZINE All we have been talking about is war, the falling house market, and gas prices. We all have forgotten about education, culture, and art! So today I'm taking the time to stress that we all need to relax and pick up something else to read. Whether it be TIME magazine or SPORTS ILLUSTRATED...take a moment away from everything else I've mentioned in the beginning. One great magazine I suggest is 18XEEM. If you're especially interested in learning about other cultures & their art, you have to visit it! Hmong is one of the oldest and perhaps most inspiring culture since the beginning. It's rich and diminishing culture and art will definitely bring you one step closer to the largest continent Asia itself.

Founded in 2006, the mission of the 18XEEM, is to educate the public and promote a positive reflection on the unique Hmong experience, its rich but diminishing history, culture and language through the documentation of events, both historical and current, and through creative writing, and art.

18XEEM will encourage dialogue and stimulate a more active engagement with current issues facing the Hmong community in America and overseas in Laos, Thailand, and other countries where a significant population of Hmong exist.

18XEEM will strive to eliminate the perceptions of stereotypes about the Hmong community in relation to the larger whole of society and to bridge the gap between Hmong youth and their parents, Hmong culture and American culture.

Additionally, 18XEEM will support aspiring journalists, artists, students, and activists by offering them the opportunity to exercise, contribute, and develop their skills to help launch successful careers. Ultimately, to motivate Hmong youth to develop an awareness for social justice by engaging in community projects that foster educational development.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Every time someone pulls blatant self-link bullshit like this, I die a little inside. You have made me die a little inside. -- cortex

Self link. You posted this to Projects just a couple of weeks ago. Bye.
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it's been real.
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Self-link. From nkaujnom's MeFi profile:
"I'm here because I want to voice my magazine. It's called 18xeem. I know some of us will think that its stupid to be putting something like this here, but I don't think so. I think it's a great way to see what others think. Starting here isn't a bad place; I mean, you come here, so someone else will too and before you know it, I'll get the word out."
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2 in 2 days. Can we get a banhammer trifecta?
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Whether it be TIME magazine or SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

Not the sports page, or a magazine, but a book nigga, a fucking book, nigga!
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I'm here because I want to voice my magazine. It's called 18xeem. Go Away with your self link. Fuck off...right off for ever wanker.
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