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Record your bad (or good) raps, share them with the world and add to other people's raps at RapHappy. Via Projects.
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What a noble idea for a service! It's like a self-serve toxic waste storage facility. One can only admire the courage and self-sacrifice it takes to maintain a place like this, to provide a safe outlet and repository for the phat beats of the masses, and to contain them so that they can't continue to annoy society at large.
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i thought that was what MuFi was for?
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"and to contain them so that they can't continue to annoy society at large"...

but...not contained enough to prevent the leakage from projects to the blue..

can we get a new seal for that jar???
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This isn't a bad idea, but I (and many other college students driven to the brink of insanity by mtvU's policy of installing ambient televisions in our dining halls) will boycott anything affiliated with that oppressively awful network.

The "U" branding of MTV is so incredibly shameless. It's essentially the same content as MTV, but they periodically pick some suitably "alternative" band to capture that college demo. These little tokens of taste are not as entirely bland as the bulk of their programming, but they're nearly always artists that have recently charted on CMJ. In other words MTV, as usual, refuses to take any risks - they just play artists that have proven themselves elsewhere. This means if you listen to college or independent radio or read a music blog every now and then you'll experience the following cycle:

1) Hear something good on icollege/independent radio/blogs.
2) Hear it a little too much, hear a hundred remixes.
3) Get kind of tired of it.
4) A week later, get to hear it on repeat in your college dining hall courtesy of Viacom.

I can just imagine the corporate briefings on winning "cred" with the audience and getting ties to "the scene". Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad if they did all of their programming this way, but they just throw enough in their to get your attention and then play Soulja Boy and Britney for another 20 minutes.

They also have these retch worthy little artsy interludes to pimp that quirk vibe.
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Whenever I start freestyling a really bad rap, it usually eventually becomes Kurtis Blow's Basketball. [NOT KURTISIST]
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Damn I miss I still have hundreds of hip hop/rap (and other genres) of songs from people making stuff in their bedrooms and basements... a lot of it was really great.
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Metafilter: It's like a self-serve toxic waste storage facility.
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