Escape-the-room games
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Shut In: A collection of escape-the-room games. Friday Flash Fun.
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The creators of the site have also created a compendium of tower-defense style games, appropriately named Defend Base.
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Doesn't seem to be working here. does resolve to an IP address, but it's not responding.
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Works here. And I love/hate these stupid games.
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DU: Works here. And I love/hate these stupid games.

Me too. I got bored of them for a while, but I played this one a few days ago and thought it was particularly good (in so much as I actually felt like I was making progress by myself, as opposed to just reading a walkthrough five minutes in).
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Working now, site must have been down briefly.
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Yeah, White Rabbit was really good at giving a sense of progress. A lot of these games have just 3 objects and they're all 1 pixel wide. Not fun.
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Byt the way, I highly recommend "Gateway" (scroll down the link). Very eerie.
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It's more like an escape-the-room adventure with many, many levels, but MOTAS was pretty amazing. Did it on a Sunday afternoon once with a friend, and I still remember how fun it was.
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Look in the mirror. See what you saw. Take the saw. Cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole. Jump in the hole and you're out!
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Some of these are neat (I like the Submachine ones I've looked at so far), but the ones created by the guy who runs the blog are awful.

It’s nearly impossible to see, but click along the right side of the keyboard near the middle. Eventually you’ll find the scissors lying there, just out of view, clicking the correct spot will cause you to pick them up.
— walkthrough for "Trapped Episode One"
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