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"Find Good Food Near You. Want fresh, locally grown food, but don't know where to find it? The LocalHarvest community level map makes it easy to find sustainable farmers, farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture projects (CSAs) in your area."
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The farmers' market in my own little community was first on the list, and the local grass-fed cattle ranch was second, when I typed in my zip code (as well as 5 other listings within a 20 mile radius of me that I wasn't aware of). This is a great resource. Thanks dersins!
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Awesome resource, thanks dersins.
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Neat-o. The listed Boggy Creek Farm, which is owned by some really nice folks, and also happens to have standing in the middle of the garden, the oldest residence in Austin.

I asked for eggs one day and Carol Ann said "Oh, we're all out. Wait -- I'll go see if they've laid any." 2 minutes later, she handed me 6 still-warm eggs, fresh from the coop.
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I've been looking for something like this for a while, thanks!
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Awesome. We've been using Full Circle Farms (Seattle CSA) for a while, which we love because you can go week-to-week. But we've been looking for a source of local, "free-range" meats. Naturally raised bacon in the Seattle area, anyone?
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I used this a few weeks ago to find someone raising pork locally. Come January, I will have half a hog in my freezer, the other half going to my parents.

Everyone gets mad when I call it Wilbur.
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Great resource! I've been looking for something just like this. Thanks!
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I put my zipcode in out of curiosity and it didn't show the Farmer's Market that's just south of downtown Dallas. It's kinda hard to miss. Even I know where it is and I'm a fast food junkie. However it pointed out that Chateau de Fromage on Commerce street makes goat cheese. No wonder Deep Ellum smells like it does. I thought it was the vomit in the back alley.
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Thanks for this!
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Great find. I'm looking through it now for Farmer's Markets in my area I'm not familiar with. Thanks.
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If you live in New England, check out New England Grown, they have guides to farms in New England, resources for local eating, and some fun articles on regional foods.
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Thank God everybody in the world is American!
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You mean USian.
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Thank God everybody in the world is American!

Sounds like somebody's jealous!
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For ethnosmartypants: CSA-type stuff in Canada. Those took all of two minutes to find, ethnosmartypants. You've got the snark down nicely; next lesson is actually contributing something positive. Be sure to attend.
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I used this a few months ago to find our CSA. We're doing Full Circle Farm in Seattle -- a good compromise for those who want to support local but also want to be able to get a little extra variety.

Though they are a little funny. They deliver by airplane to points in Alaska, which seems counter to the whole concept of eating local. But man cannot live on fish alone, I guess.
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We need more green sites like this one, with practical info about local solutions. I am tired of fishing for elusive data in the world wide web . . . I 've got a job and only so much time for doing good and green!
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rossination -- we love Skagit River Ranch for meat. They're in Sedro Woolley. They also have excellent pork sausages, beef of all sorts of cuts, chickens, etc.

There's also Sea Breeze Farm from Vashon, though I don't think they have cured bacon. They sell (almost?) all of their meats fresh, not frozen, at least at the Ballard Farmers' Market. One of their chickens we cooked recently was possibly the best I've ever had.

There are at least two other meat places that I can't think of right now. We do all our meat shopping at Ballard. Sundays, 10-3, soon going to reduced winter hours which I think is 11-3 or 11-2.
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er, "Skagit River Ranch ... also [has]" was supposed to be in addition to their really delicious cured bacon. Get there as soon as the market opens; everyone sells out of bacon (and eggs) really fast.
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You mean USian.

US Americans, such as.
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