Virtual Studio Visitor
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Any experienced studio engineer or producer knows that the presence of visitors in the studio can dramatically affect the performance of singers and musicians. Using advanced proprietary computer modelling, the Virtual Studio Visitor plug-in convincingly emulates the effect of various studio visitors on a performance, without the need for the visitors to actually be present. Also from the visionaries at Sonic Finger: the Dead Quietenator provides you with the highest quality pure digital silence, including several highly sought-after vintage silences previously unattainable.
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Thanks! I'm running my entire mp3 library through the Mary Lou Retton filter just as soon as I receive my license key!
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I am really curious to hear the VSV, I hope that somehow I missed the samples on that page? Are these different silences created with different inaudible interference patterns or what? I could listen to stuff all day, this is great...
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Someone invented a silence generator?

Presumably right after they invented the dark emitting diode...
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"For this particular vocalist, having Stephen Hawking and Mary Lou Retton in the studio was the perfect combination. The key, though, was having the hatred and fear controls for Hawking set to max, as well as having him be an ex-member of the band. Also, being extremely sexually active with Mary Lou was vital."
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The Dead Quietinator is for hacks and losers. Serious musicians know that nothing beats the smooth sound of analog.
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I think I'm going to forward this link to my drummer so he can spend 45 minutes ripping on the "bullshit digital silence" over at Albini's Electrical Audio.
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Pull my finger
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The definitive use of this visitor plug-in is on Lorna Bennett and DJ Scotty's Skank in Bed

Riddim, come forward!
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Pure Digital Silence.

Is like when the west discovered zero?
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PeterMcD: Thanks for the Scotty and Lorna Bennett link. That Scotty, he's like an even more playful Big Youth. Fun stuff. Always happy to discover another musical Bennett, too...
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This is so inside.
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What if I want Stephen Hawking dressed as a flight attendant?
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What if I want Stephen Hawking dressed as a flight attendant?

I think there's an upgrade coming soon.
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Yeah, the A-side is great as well. The UB40/Chrissie Hynde cover would be fine if it didn't have to stand comparison with such a classic.

Also, a snatch of Dusty Springfield doing her original version as part of a medley. Starts at 1.29.

But the Scotty/Dub version is pure genius and streets ahead of all the other versions. Takes me back to Liverpool's Somali Social Club in the early 70's, where devout muslim boys would drink coca cola and rub up against enormous white hookers who were twice as old as they were as the juke box played the A-side and B-side in continuous rotation. It was several years later before I heard Dusty's original cut and was astonished to learn that it hadn't been a Jamaican original.
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Don't laugh. Don't even smile. There are fifty people looking for a Buy Now link with credit card in sweaty hand.
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Awesome! It runs on MacOS 9.2!
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I bet the Dead Quietenator sounds great through the Anechoic Room Simulator.
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Wow. Genuine silence is just what I had in mind.
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muffler bearings
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Hah, I've got them all beat: I just refurbished my studio monitors with Cones of Silence.
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