Covering Photography: Photographers and Book Design
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Covering Photography "A web-based archive and resource for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design," with lots of ways to discover photographers like Arthur Tress.
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Via Research Buzz (well, its newsletter, anyway; should be up on the site shortly, too).
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This is neat, and the design for the site in general is pretty clever. It’s interesting to look at the differences between photographic book covers from today versus several decades ago. It looks like photos of people and normal objects become more abstract and artful as time goes on. (Although this cover from 1957 is pretty trippy. But it looks like it’s part illustration.)
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But it looks like it’s part illustration.

Yeah, lots of the photos have non-photo elements added to create the book covers. That's partly why I've been finding photos I like at the site and then digging around for more elsewhere. Here's more from your photographer, Wynn Bullock, e.g. He's awesome - one of my new favorite photographers. :)
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I love the Multiple Uses feature.
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I'm always on the prowl for fun design concepts, and 60's typography, of which there appears to be an abundance at that page, is inspring at times. Plus, some of those books might be worth reading.
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Thanks, Wynn Bullock is great. I’m a sucker for fog.
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