Old Good Fellows
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Before testosterone coursed through their bodies and caused corruption they were The Sopranos. Frankie, Bobby 'MoFoChild' Breen, Frankienoinfo, Graham 'Freeda' Payn, Donnie 'Alleluja, Jackie [sans kilt], Master Joe Peterson and Joselito was a cutie too.
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You forgot Marion Jones.
posted by uncanny hengeman at 11:19 AM on October 5, 2007

Well! All I can say to you uncanny hengeman is * In her prime, Jones earned millions of dollars through product endorsements and up to $80,000 per race.

What do you say to that?

Those movie icons make it hard to ascertain the names. You have to concentrate on the commas really hard and not let the apostrophes lead you astray (because they look like upside down commas - know what I mean?)
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omg That first link is heartbreakingly tender. Have to dash, looking forward to listening to the rest later.

Adding to the pure high note exquisiteness, Terry Wey - Vienna Boys Choir.
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I thought there'd be no one around. Bang goes expectations. There's always another day.
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Testosterone's a hell of a drug.
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tellurian, thanks for your wonderful post.

Just came home from work, totally surprised this post was not favorited many more times. It's an extraordinary education in renowned boy sopranos. It seems delightfully apropos with Miko's thread on Victorian photographs.

The Graham link says "The url contained a malformed video id." In the second link, the Payn one, omg how the hell did he reach notes that high?! Incredible. aww and that Little Lord Fauntleroy face, huge eyes and cupid's bow lips. Wow, so he was a "boy soprano protégé of Noël Coward". Wow he was the life partner of Noel Coward. Talk about early training. Glad he had a long life. He died only a couple of years ago.

Donald Collup's voice has a silky fluidity, it sounds the least strained when it reaches those seemingly impossible peaks, definitely my favorite among these gems.

Loved Jackie Dennis' fun dancing style. ". Master Joe Petersen was popular in the 30's but was actually a 20+ year old female, Mary O'Rourke."
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totally surprised this post was not favorited many more times
Thanks nickyskye but I'm not disappointed. It should be Graham.
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heh! You, nickyskye, are an absolute favoriting cutie.
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Hey you, tellurian. Your posts rock. Many of them gems. Am also going back into the archive and finding emeralds, rubies, diamonds. Treasure!

And you're a sweetie pie.
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