Oldest recording you can find on Napster
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Oldest recording you can find on Napster ?...or online anyplace? I was looking for poetry and turned up a wax cylinder recording of Walt Whitman [they're pretty sure] recorded sometime before the turn of the [last] century. How neat is that?
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pretty neat.
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I don't know if the mp3 is available via Napster, but the experimental talking clock lead cylinder was made in 1878.

That site, tinfoil.com, has bunches of interesting old recordings if you're into that stuff. I also recommend The Antique Phonograph Music Program radio show on WFMU.

Also of interest: tracks by They Might By Giants and the like who have recorded recent songs via wax cylinder equipment.
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Between offering us the URL to the Whitman site and the helpful links for further exploration we have Metafilter and the Net doing a great service for many of us....and a hopeful indication that all is not as bad as so many posts would seem to indicate.
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My sentiments also... Thank you for your eloquence Postroad.
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Damn. I had a link I've been saving forever, to an archive of edison recordings that all date back to the 1880's, but I can't find it now.

The thing I found most interesting about the edison recordings I had was that they were in the public domain, and I always wanted to create a looped track of edison speaking over some fat beats.
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Matt, were you thinking of the National Edison Historic Site?

Another good site is the National Library of Canada's Virtual Gramophone. In addition to having a great collection of old recordings, they have a very nice page of links.
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And don't you meant PHAT, Matt?

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i found some old beatles songs. was this whitman fella before the beatles?

sorry. see, this is why i don't post here more often. as you were...
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Here's some really old stuff from 1878, including what may be the oldest surviving musical recording. I don't think Ringo was a member of the band yet...
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Oops! Make that 1888, the year Ringo joined.
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are you sure that isn' t oasis? they sound a lot alike ya know...
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