Andy Kehoe
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Where the Wild Things Are... drunk and wielding knives.

Very cool work.
posted by gwint at 2:31 PM on October 7, 2007

Wow, that is amazing. Thanks.
posted by salvia at 3:53 PM on October 7, 2007

Yeah , I dig that.
posted by nola at 4:03 PM on October 7, 2007

i wish i could afford art... actually, i'm glad i haven't wasted any time making money. oh well...
posted by geos at 4:58 PM on October 7, 2007

wow, very cool. reminds me of where the wild things are, as well ;) very imaginative. wish i could buy a work myself!
posted by Dillonlikescookies at 5:29 PM on October 7, 2007

whoa, cool.

Something haunting about the flowers falling out. "Finding Hope in the Clearing", tender. "Shelter of Beauty". Love the names of the images, like this one, "Bad Times Infect Our Tree of Lovely Memories".

On Andy Kehoe's site he has some neat links to other artists, one is Ben Kehoe, possibly his brother? I like his work too, some playful Medieval dark humor.

Andy Kehoe's limited edition prints are very reasonably priced, $30 to $50. each.

Loved the via link too, thanks homunculus.
posted by nickyskye at 7:27 PM on October 7, 2007

Pretty cool.
(For a moment I thought it was him)
posted by kolophon at 8:33 PM on October 7, 2007

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