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Morbid Anatomy - an excellent blog with a focus on art, medicine, death, and culture. Great viewing anytime, but it might also be a good reference source for any macabre seasonal celebrations!
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Cool! I love this stuff, thanks!
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ooooh, What a niftily gruesome blog. So timely madamjujive and more than that, amazing art. In NYC people are already walking around in masks (other than the usual ones).

Skulls are in fashion these days, especially in children's toys, jewelry, t-shirts, all year 'round, been wondering why.

Love the gory, fascinating pics! A feast of monstrosities [nsfw]. And links upon links to other grim allure like Till Death Do Us Part on the Who Killed Bambi site.

The Iceman Cometh.
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OOO wonderful. I've long wanted to visit the Mütter Museum of Medical History, so this is lovely stuff. Thank you!.
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I really liked the blog: Who Killed Bambi thank you mjjj.
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Hi! I'm the author of Morbid Anatomy. I'm so happy people are enjoying the blog-- I just started it a few months ago as part of a larger project. I am new to MetaFilter--this is my first comment!So glad that people like what I'm doing; don't think it ever really occurred to me that it would resonate with anyone else besides me! Its nice to see that I am not the only one out there who gets excited by this stuff.
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