The future of music distribution
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Today is the first day of the future of the music business. Radiohead release In Rainbows to critical acclaim. It's only available via download and you decide how much to pay for it. Mixed reaction from the music industry.
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If the future of music distribution is all about poorly designed webapps that fail randomly with timeouts, then yes, the future has arrived today!
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Homer: Eh, what do you mean by `suggested donation'?
Clerk: Pay any amount you wish, sir.
Homer: And uh, what if I wish to pay ... zero?
Clerk: That is up to you.
Homer: Ooh, so it's up to me, is it?
Clerk: Yes.
Homer: I see. And you think that people are going to pay
you $4.50 even though they don't have to?
Just out of the goodness of their... [laughs]
Well, anything you say! Good luck, lady, you're gonna need it!
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