McMurder Simulator
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Deeply disturbing, yet profound and addictive. In this game, your job is to create and run a McDonalds every step of the way, from clearing rainforest land for crops, growing genetically modified soy to feed the hormone-injected cows, to the slaughterhouse, where you try to stave off mad cow in between adding industrial waste to their food, and adding animal flour into ours.

From there, you create the restaurant itself, where you can hire and fire, and give meaningless badges to employees when they become unhappy. And finally, the corporate office, where your think-tank comes up with ways of marketing to children, buying off congressmen and health officials, and more.

To see the full range of what you can do, click on the tutorial on the game start page.
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mmm, delicious delicious double postburger.
posted by christy at 4:43 PM on October 18, 2007

Reading all those steps in the tutorial makes me grateful that it's so easy to order a reasonably-priced and oh-so-yummy Big Mac! Thanks McDonald's!
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