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alt.callahans is the usenet group we were talking about, Matt. How could you go wrong with lines like this?
Setting a bag of Susie B's on the bar, Freddie winks at Mike. "A round for the house, if you please, kind sir. It would be hard to come up with a better toast than the one just raised, so I'll just add a wish for you all." You truly can't go home again. or can you?
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just to add some backstory to anyone else reading this: Joe and I were talking today about how USENET used to be a wonderful useful place and how several biggies on the web got their start by reading it. I remembered hearing about this wonderfully weird newsgroup where everyone toasted each other when they posted, which was patterned after a bar that was mentioned in a book, and this is the newsgroup. Joe, do you know what that book is? I totally forgot.
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I believe it's Spider Robinson's 'Callahan' stories. I haven't read them myself.
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It gets even wackier---they make toasts on their IRC channel, too (#callahans on Undernet). Between that and the constant punning, it's like no other place on the net. I've never read a Spider Robinson book, but stumbled across the IRC channel three or four years ago and found it intelligent and irresistible, a far cry from most of the crap on chat even then. The Callahanians of the Internet are, I have always thought, one of the best "internet communities" anywhere. And it's got nothing to do with marketing, or stickiness, or product loyalty :>
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