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WYLD CANADA! 120 red-hot slabs of '60's teen garage nastiness from The Great White North (and a fifth volume here.) All the Canuck garage rawk you could ever want, from 49th Parallel to The Witness Inc.

The download process is, admittedly, a pain in the butt (Gigashare, MassMirror: the password is listed just below the links to the downloads), but it's worth the trouble if you're into this sort of thing. Disclaimer: although I have a Canadian retro music blog of my own, I have nothing to do with this one and have no connection to the operator beyond a link on my page and a shared interest in old-time Canuck rock.
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i got the first 4 volumes from usenet a few weeks ago - this is near nuggets quality stuff and worth the time and trouble - essential for those who are into this style and period
posted by pyramid termite at 8:44 PM on October 23, 2007

This looks good. I've been listening to the Desperate Rock'N'Roll series from this guy. A lot of gems out there.
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note - track 27 on vol 5 is by the mynah birds which was a group that featured rick james and neil young - yes, that rick james, bitch, and that neil young

it's alright but kind of underwhelming ...
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a group that featured rick james and neil young

(this is my flummoxed face)

(this is my earnestly confused face)

(...this is my " I just lost 30 mins in Wikipedia but the world is a more wonderous palce to me now" face)
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Yup, I got this back in January and as it's still on my hard drive, I second the recommendation.

Speaking of, Esquires apparently made Canada's first music video.
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I need to check this out in depth; that bit of Neil Young/Rick James trivia is excellent! I was disappointed, though, that there was nothing from the greatest Canadian garage band ever, Rod Torfulson's Armada, Featuring Herman Menderchuck.
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Anybody remember the sludgabilly band Deja Voodoo? Man, do I miss them.
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Oh man, you just made my day. Thanks!
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O Canadarm! is one of my favourite mp3 blogs. There's some Deja Voodoo on there, some Pointed Sticks and ground zero for Calgary garage rawk, Color Me Psycho.
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I used to do a Deja Voodoo song, "Bad Book". Yeah, great band. I wondered if the rise of the White Stripes would see them touring again, but I guess not. Ca va mal.

OCanadaArm is a very nice blog to be sure. Please note there is a Vol. 5 of this series available on the site too, just not at the main link. Here tis.

Also note that Nardwuar The Human Serviette has a bit of an obsession with the 49th Parallel, and has covered "Citizen Freak".
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stinkycheese; there's already a link to Vol. 5 in the FPP. ; )
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I think I just lost the game then. Sorry!
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To make up for my stupidity, here's an article (from a couple of years ago) on what Deja Voodoo are up to nowadays.
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Someone needs to make a fpp about Nardwuar. Welcome to my castle!
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Do you want to? Or shall I?
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The world needs more Nardwuar - go for it!
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