Songs in the (Off) Key of Life
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She thinks it started here, but actually it goes way back. There are some undoubted classics, and of course this posse is famous. Usually it's unintentional (previously), but a person could make it their personal signature, which could get old. Not to mention dangerous (previously but thankfully not since).
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Kelefa Sanneh is very much a "he".
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I was always bugged by a very off-key "aaaallllll" in U2's All Because of You. That said, I think all of the videos linked here are perfectly fine, musically speaking. Edie Brickell and Biz Markie actually sound great to me, despite their informal vocal style. Maybe I'm missing something?

Also, I would say that punk music has been doing the intentional off-key thing for longer than anyone.
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Edie Brickell isn't singing out of tune. But she is totally cute, and that song free-associatingly reminded me of having epic rubber band wars with my brother when we were kids. So thanks for the memories!
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There's a big difference between singing off key and singing mostly monotone (i.e. talk-singing).

(Edie Brickell is doing neither.)
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Nobody beats the Biz, and nothing beats Bennie and the Jets.
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The glory of bad singing started with her. And ends with her. Nuff said. Peace out.

(Yeah, so my 'break' is momentarily broken. But how could I not link to Flo & Wing? I'm weak.)
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I bet to differ, I think it started here.
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Is today Liz Phair day?

This post needs more Beat Happening. (and random Canadian dancing)
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edie brickell's singing is brilliant in that - and it's not "out of tune" it's microtonality - and she's in total control of what she's doing - when she goes flat and sharp it's because she MEANS to

i hear liz phair's singing's gotten a lot better since autotune came out - (do not want)
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Since Florence Foster Jenkins had her first recital in 1912, her contributions to the world's library of unlistenable music predated Our Gang. Plus, she was UNDENIABLY less talented than Alfalfa. And less cute. So I stand by my earlier comment.
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Nothing, but nothing will ever beat Margarita Pracatan
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I've always liked Bob Dylan's voice. Same for (gasp) Randy Newman. Their voices fit the often bitter, ironic, grizzled tone of the songs they were singing. When I hear "Knocking on Heaven's Door" someone with a gorgeous tone and perfect pitch just can't capture the same painful, whiskey-drinking, remember-bleeding-and-crawling-through-the-mud mood Dylan can.
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Obnoxious formal choices for the FPP there.

And you could go back at least as far as the Black Monks.
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Let us not forget The Shaggs.
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Oh, and of course no out-of-tune festival is complete without Ian Curtis.
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