Government Permission to be Required for Flight.
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Meet your new travel agent-- we call him "Uncle Sam". Isn't it about time that you start seeking government clearance before every flight? As a bonus, you'll experience the freedom and convenience of knowing that your airline will cradle your personal information even after the flight ends. This way, if you forget all your personal data, well, you know who to ask. Welcome to Secure Flight, and the future of traveling in an Upright and Locked Position.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This has pretty much been covered previously and better. -- cortex

What is wrong with you?
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Papers please!
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For the last seven years, I've made my living by crafting pick-up & persuasion materials for both men and women.

1) Why does a certain type of person - and it's always the same type of person, prefer the ampersand over typing out and? Is it really easier?

2) You have made a career out of convincing people to do things that are perhaps not in their best interests and which they do not consciously want to do, and yet you object to the shenanigans of the Bush Administration? Really? I'd think that you'd be on the phone, offering your services.
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Isn't this mostly a double? Besides being single-link newsfilter..
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"In Soviet Russia the-", oh, right.
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I'm just picturing how different National Lampoon's Vacation would be. The Griswolds aren't going to like this one bit.
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The other day I was eating some doritos. Not that I'm a big fan of doritos mind you, I hate that greasy dorito dust that gets all over your fingers... some how it winds up all over my remote. Annnnnywho... so I was eating these dorittos and I guess I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, well, actually I was sorta obsessing over how dirty my remote is (is that irony?!? LOL!) annnnywho... I bit right into one sideways and seriously - a corner of the goddamn chip jammed into the rough of my mouth. Who knew the fucking things were so goddamn dangerous?!?? LOL. They should put a warning on the bag or on their website or something.... does doritos even have a website? They should because I would totally write them hate mail about the fucking bleeding gash in the rough of my mouth. Ouch! Or at least post mean comments on their blog asking why the fuck did they decide to make a chip that has three deadly fucking corners? Hello? Make them circles like every other fucking chip on the market. Assholes!

Annnnywho... this thread kind of reminds me of that for some reason. LOL!
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I was working late at Ft. Meade and decided it'd be a funny joke to beam this post into your head using our orbital mind-control array.
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