Big wheels keep on turnin'
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preaching the benefits of peddling

I agree wholeheartedly. The small entrepreneurial retailer is an important factor in any healthy economy.
posted by Faint of Butt at 5:56 AM on October 28, 2007

[sic] humor, FoB.
posted by GrammarMoses at 5:59 AM on October 28, 2007

I cast level 3 WTF.
posted by danb at 6:42 AM on October 28, 2007 [2 favorites]

Bicycle activism has officially jumped the glowing plexiglas fish...
posted by wfrgms at 7:03 AM on October 28, 2007

Heh.. I took a bicycle audio system along on The Ride for Heart (in Toronto) a couple of times.

I'm not quite so into it anymore, but I wanted to play with a tripath amplifier, so I started building something up - a Class D amplifier and a sonotube subwoofer (lots of sonotube subwoofers online) should keep everything very light and portable, without sacrificing too much performance. It will cost a lot less than $3,000 :P
posted by Chuckles at 9:00 AM on October 28, 2007

Ridiculous as his schtick may sound, Paul is one of the nicest, least selfish people I've ever met.
posted by aGreatNotion at 3:20 PM on October 28, 2007

there was a guy at the Chicago Peace March yesterday with a bike/pa system (ran off an ipod duct taped to his handlebars...heh)..

Thought it was a pain, too loud... he pulled in right next to me... 'til he pumped up "War, What is it good for" and about a thousand people started singing and moving along with the beat... neat stuff!
posted by HuronBob at 3:25 PM on October 28, 2007

There's some hate going down in the comments on the first link.
posted by DenOfSizer at 6:49 PM on October 28, 2007

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