The Floating Neutrinos
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"An extended family of nonconformists travels the world on rafts, teaches its own brand of philosophy, joins the circus, starts a popular jazz band, and sets a new world record along the way." And now, the movie (previously)
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They were parked at the end of my street for a while and I got to know Papa, he was fascinating to talk to. He said that it all started when having spent his money on rent he had nothing with which to feed his baby. Feeling he had no other choice he robbed someone, with tears and apologies. "How can I make sure that never happens again," he asked himself. "I know, eliminate the landlord by eliminating the land."

I don't know if it's anywhere on their website, but Betsy had written a treatise on educational reforms featuring her theory that children should be trained to think of choices between three or more options, instead of the usual black and white. It was pretty interesting. She was selling it on the street along with candy bars.
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So awesome that I think I just happily died a little.

Thank you.
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I remember watching some documentary about them, some years ago when they first crossed the Atlantic. I also remember thinking that you couldn't pay me enough to sail across the North Atlantic Ocean in that thing.
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I had a friend who was on the same pier (14?), or rather, on the pier in the lee of which lay the Town Hall.

He told me they were great neighbors and made nice music. I never thought much about them again until I read that the Town Hall had turned up in Ireland, much to everyone's surprise.

Then a couple years ago I read this.

He's no slouch, Papa Neutrino.
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The Adventurecrats!

That ship looks like the Carrack from Time Bandits
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I owe Metafilter for turning me on to the Flying Neutrinos, via this, which lead to this, which lead to me tracking down whole slews of their music and enjoying the hell out of it.
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