The Lady Birds Can't Resist
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The male Superb Bird of Paradise has an unusual courtship routine. First he sings. Then he hops. Finally, he busts out a spectacular finishing move, which the female finds attractive and/or totally scary.

(If an MC Hammer soundtrack isn't your thing, I recommend this alternative version of the video instead.)
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Then he yells "Jazz hands!"

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The Supreme Pizza of Paradise lures a mate by having a browned crust and great toppings, plus maybe a side order of breadsticks.
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That was pretty neat, I guess.
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All that work and then she leaves? What a bitch!
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I get the same reaction when I'm all grinding up on bitches in the club.
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this is almost cooler than the bird from Brazil that does the moonwalk.
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This is from the Blue Planet documentary. The photographer took weeks (months?) to film it, it was the first time such good footage has ever been captured of the Bird of Paradise. It's the new world star mega fauna, thanks to the patient photographer and some good luck.
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Planet Earth, right? Not Blue Planet.
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If the Superb Bird of Paradise is unsatisfactory, I will procure other birds from other locales for your pleasure.
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Planet Earth, right? Not Blue Planet.

Planet Love, from the looks of it.
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Thanks for the smile brain_drain. Fun and definitely irresistible.

My dad accidentally killed a Goldie's Bird of Paradise while hunting in the Far East, many years ago. :( We kept it in a shadowbox and it was, to me, one of the saddest things.
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My finishing move is pretty spectacular. Almost as impressive as Peter North's.
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This is how I met my wife.*

It took three solid weeks of dancing around her while holding my jacket open, but the Bird of Playahdise Pick Up Technique is not for the faint of hard or weak of constitution. Every courtship is guaranteed to end in consummation or a restraining order.
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It's Planet Earth. i just finished watching the series. Which, by the way, is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
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Volume 1 of the DVD set Attenborough in Paradise includes almost an hour on birds of paradise, including this one, and their astounding displays. Amazing disc in many ways...
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Has anyone read Perdido Street Station?
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Then wear the gold hat if it should please her. If you can jump high, jump for her too, till she cry "Lover, gold-hatted, high bouncing lover, I must have you!" --The Great Gatsby
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I like the way the 'spectacular finishing move' video is titled 'The coolest bird on this planet'. That's a healthy, open-minded and optimistic attitude to have.
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I guess I always got a different reaction from chicks when I opened up my head to block their path, and then hit them with my demonic glowing eyes.

Usually they didn't want to mate so much as have me exorcised.

I was blown away when I saw this video on Planet Earth. That series was just awesome
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Any thread involving weird bird behaviour has to include a link to the Supreme Lyrebird.
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The BBC version of Planet Earth is probably the best gift I have ever received, and indeed the one that gets the most use to date.

I am in love with David Attenborough and I don't care who knows it.
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Colorado's male Gunnison Grouse (Centrocercus minimus) may not be as exotic as a SBoP, but he's still pretty impressive — those are inflatable air sacs, btw — and he knows how to throw his weight around in a song and dance.
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Sex is so weird.

... and on that note, here's David Attenborough getting attacked by a randy capercaillie.
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Oh man, just watched the Engungun vid, loved that! Just makes me want to dance. Loved the way the guy flapped his long shirt, reminded me of elaborate bird courtship. Beautiful.
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Imagine a feathered Tyrannosuaroid doing his little number...
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