Evil Bee Animation
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Evil Bee (embedded QT) is a gorgeous & interesting animated short about a worker bee in a factory who rebels; bonus points for awesome soundtrack by menomena.
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posted by meringue at 10:08 AM on November 8, 2007

There's some broccoli in yer candy, eh Seinfeld?
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Here's a direct download link, but given the nonces in it I don't know how long it will last.
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thank you. that was awesome.
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Thanks! Menomena's 'Friend and Foe' is an amazing album BTW. Your favorite artist sucks and all that... but I've got to recommend this one. It's easily one of my favorites in the last few years.
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Wow, that was top notch. Thanks for posting.

Menomena is a great band, btw. I've had the opportunity of seeing them live at SXSW (also known as hipster festival USA), and I'm going to get to see them again in a couple of weeks.

If anyone's interested, check out the tracks "The Pelican" and "Wet and Rusting" off their record Friend and Foe. You can see them perform the latter if you click on this link.
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There's some broccoli in yer candy, eh Seinfeld?

Seinfeld and "Bee Movie" Overload.
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I'd never heard them before this, but I really like this song, so I'll check 'em out.
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That was fantastic. Great filmmaking.
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Oh man, that was extraordinary! Outstanding.
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Unbelievable. Thanks for posting!
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Does it say something about me that I can handle self-aware bees in a factory, but I couldn't grasp it when the bees started working with the birds and lighting up?
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Wow. Very nice indeed.
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I'm mostly non-plussed by the animation posted but that was super-duper cool.
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As good as superjail.
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Wow, that's gorgeous. I can't quite put my finger on where I've heard that song before, though.
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This bee... it grumbles?
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Soylent Honey is Bees?

Good song and nice animiation, point of storyline locked in mind of director.
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I like that the animation looks different from things I've seen before.
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I felt that they just abandoned their species for frivolous flower sex and light bulbs.

I was upset they didn't raise a bee army and crush their treaded bird slave overlords.
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Not the same as Menamena, I guess.
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I have no idea what I just watched...and I love it!
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That was the most depressing thing I've watched since that damn Kiwi thing.

I envy all of the people who couldn't figure it out.
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2nding menomena.

saw this on youtube sometime back and thought it was just the video for Evil Bee..? guess not.

Wet and Rusting and Evil Bee are really great tracks. for the life of me i cant figure out why they chose 'rotten hell' as the 2nd single from the album, as to me its one of the weaker tracks.

Air Aid and My My are two other really standout songs from this album.
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Director interview.
Previous awesome Menomena video: Cough Coughing.
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...And here, I thought the ventilator-shaft-escape thing was just a fantasy of the dying bee. (See: Identical red-juice markings on Escape Bee and Dying bee, Escaped bee exploding in delight as Dying bee is shredded, etc...)
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I was highly impressed with the animation on it's own, but when I read how it was made via progosk's link, I had to watch it all over again.

stefan : after i sketched out the storyboard and assembled the animatic, i met with friend and modeler kimi kaplowitz and she developed sculpted and created the bee character, complete with hair and a working abdominal lightbulb. i then took photos of the bee at every conceivable angle and under several different lighting schemes. in photoshop, i'd cut all parts out and then reassemble them in after effects. this allowed me to move it around like a puppet. the backgrounds and machinery were shot the same way. within after effects i created a 3D environment using 2D elements (the bee, walls, floor etc).
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Menomena = Best band name. Ever.

Every time I say it out loud, I become 7 years old again.
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If you can get your hands on a copy, I recommend The First Menomena Album (I Am The Fun Blame Monster). The flipbook x4 is totally pukka.
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carsonb, if i (mostly) like the new album, am i going to be into their first album?
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It's always difficult to speculate on those things, joeblough, but if it's any help I loved IAtFBM the first time I listened to it. Two years later, took me a few listens to really enjoy Friend and Foe. I think their work between albums on live art installations, touring, &c. took their already complex sound to another level. You may know this already, but Menomena built their songs on a computer before learning how to play them on guitars, drums, etc. Then they recorded them.
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true, true. i guess i'll check out IAtFBM... why not?

i think in one of the links above they mentioned how they use a sampler/looper to compose the music. that's pretty awesome, actually. from the finished (recorded) product i would have never guessed.
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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?
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nice post joson
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I agree with orb2069 and rush that it seems obvious that the whole escaping bees thing is just a fantasy of the dying bee.

And, also, having read the description of the animation technique, I'm even more impressed. Stefan Nadelman is really pretty impressive with After Effects.
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