Maz Jobrani Iranian Stand Up Comedian, Humor Unites US
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Maz Jobrani Iranian Stand Up, we are Persian like the cat, meow, and we are the other white people. Great standup that pokes at all the stereotypes with a smart, fun, warm and spot on approach. You Tube performances...Previously tangent on MeFi by turbanhead
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turbanhead post here
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Pursuant to the illegal wiretapping post below, I was expecting his Hotmail story to go somewhere else. Like it turned out he hadn't paid his bill or whatever. But apparently they really did read his mail and flag his account? And he went back to them? Or was that all just a joke to work in the Iraq helpdesk and MySpace material?
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Single issue comedians are the best. There are a million variations on "white people drive like this/Black people drive like this" and we won't be satisfied until we've heard them all.

My personal favorite comedian is a Khanty guy, and he has this brilliant 35 minute routine about how Americans always confuse Khanty and Mansi people, and how they're actually very different. He does another 20 minutes on the types of prejudice he's encountered, and then he does an outrageous impression of his Very Ethnic parents, complete with an over-the-top Yugra accent. If you hear it, you will laugh until your colon ruptures.

Sure subsequent material he does will just be variations on the explored themes, but I can't get enough of that shit.
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The Persian student at college told me that in Iran, the white camels were reserved for use as taxis, and I believed her.
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In Soviet Iran, Yakov Smirnoff schtick milks YOU!
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Mayor Curley I have alway appreciated your taste and will follow up on your recommendations.

and...Some of my best friends are...snark LOL
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Maz was on my show a few months ago. Really nice smart guy.
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